2015 golf tdi


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Jan 6, 2019
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Looking to lower -.5"- 1" suspension is fine just looks like a monster truck with new wheels. Budget is under $1,000
I've done tons of research on the golf 7. Bilstein makes a coilover kit for just over 1k as well as ST. Lowering springs they offer tend to lower the car too much. From what I've come across using a set of sport shocks and GTI springs would be a good route.


Apr 16, 2022
It's the best commuter car ever that isn't a corolla or a civic. I had a 2015 Golf TDI 6 spd and it was an amazing car if you weren't worried about having fun while driving (and even then it's prob the most fun of a commuter class of cars). You could flash it and get some more 'umph' out of it. I've been a lifelong VW guy and owned a 97 GTI VR6, 2.0 swapped '83 Rabbit and couldn't deal with the TDI being so lifeless Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox (compared to those cars) so I sold it back to VW during the buyback and now drive a 2017 Golf R.
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Jun 26, 2004
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Not apples/apples. But, I am considering a mild lowering as well for my 2015 Passat TDI. The fender gap is a little much and I think the look would be much improved as would be the ride...that floaty/mushy feeling. I'm considering the Eibach Pro-kit 85105.140 along with a good pair of struts/shocks, from what I've read you don't get the full 1.4" as advertised. If it's too low I know the rear coil isolators can be replaced with thicker ones (Audi TT and also Pro-Form makes even thicker ones) that can be used to "adjust" the height, it's been done to get rid of the forward rake by some. The only thing I need to research is the front. I'm not sure if there are any spacers available in say 1/2" to raise the fron "if" too low....?