**2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI** - Vancouver Island


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Feb 11, 2005
Island near Vancouver
2015 Sportwagen; Golf GLS 2003; 2016 A3 e-tron
This was going to be the car to end my car-buying as it was (almost) exactly what I wanted. The one missing piece as the manual transmission, and when one of those popped up recently, I jumped on it. So...most of the work put into this car gets needs to find a new home.

  • 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI Highline (SEL) with every option that was available on the Canadian models...and a few more.
  • Leather sport seats - wife and I find these WAY more comfortable than those in the lower trim levels
  • Lighting package (bi-xenon HID headlights, with the signature LEDs of the Mk7)
  • 88,400km on the car
  • Conti ProContact tires with ~60% tread remaining
  • Fender Premium audio with sub-woofer
  • Navigation built-in
  • Massive panoramic sunroof - beautiful for star-gazing on nice summer nights
  • Meticulously maintained - like I said, I was planning on keeping this long-term
  • All maintenance up-to-date with all filters (cabin, air, fuel, oil) and oil change within the last 5000km; DSG service done at just over 70K km, so it's good for another 50K km or so; just put new wipers on today (hence the wipers in service position in the first photo)
  • Warranty through mid-2023 or the next 90K km
  • Replaced the "Front Assist" radar sensor with one out of an Audi A3 and (with more than just a little toil and sweat) got Adaptive Cruise control working perfectly
  • 1.25" hitch receiver
  • Wires run for trailer wiring (actual adapter not included, but the tough work of running power and the additional wire to light up the RH side lights are in place - splice in two wires; ground the adapter...you're done.)
  • Roof rack (non-OEM)
  • DSG tune, which makes the daily driving SO much more pleasant - car no longer lugs along at 1100rpm in 5th gear at 50-55km/h around town)
  • Rear springs bolstered by Air Lift suspension add-ons; empty car - set it at 8-10psi; got bodies in the back seat, bikes on the back, kayaks or whatever up on the roof - pump them up via the Schrader valve (by hitch receiver) to 20psi and keep same ride height, no harsh bottoming out of shocks, and maintain excellent ride quality
  • OEM Monster mats
  • 3M Pro Paint Protection Film on leading edge of hood and front fenders as well as top surface of rear bumper cover
  • Brand new (within last 2000km) windshield
  • Aquapel treatment on windshield and rear window (this stuff seriously works!)
The fine print: Must be noted that the car has "rebuilt" status here in BC. Car was side-swiped rear-left at ~20K km, and previous owner had "replacement insurance" and took the buyout from insurance, while insurance company auctioned off the car. Car goes through meticulous inspection before being certified for road-worthiness, and I've owned it since with absolutely zero issues. Sunroof drains have been fixed by VW under their "service campaign"; all the diesel gate fixes have been done - hence the extended warranty.

Willing to pick you up at the airport or ferry terminal if you are coming in from afar. Posting here before any of the online marketplaces I try to avoid - hoping to sell to someone who'll appreciate and enjoy this car as much as I did.