2015 Coolant Leak


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Jan 4, 2017
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2015 Jetta SEL 6-speed; previous: 01 MkIV Jetta 5-Speed
I was on the highway & had just passed a 18-wheeler & I saw some mist in his headlights. I had just driven through rain, & thought I was kicking up road mist, but I got that uneasy feeling In the pit of my stomach. I don’t recall seeing any idiot lights illuminated at the time. I got to my destination a few miles later & when parked, got a whiff of antifreeze when I was retrieving luggage from the trunk. Next day, I popped the hood & saw coolant level low in bottle & added a gallon, but eventually saw a stream emanating from behind the passenger wheel. Got down & saw a waterfall just behind the splash shield. I had emptied about a gallon into the bottle by then. I’m putting it on a dolly & towing it an hour back home to troubleshoot on a neighbor’s lift. Any ideas what this might be? I’m not sure what would dump coolant back that far? Think the 2015 extended warranty might cover this? Here’s a pic of where the coolant was leaking from: cold engine atmospheric pressure. The view is from behind the driver front wheel….passenger front wheel in view behind the leak.
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May 17, 2010
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better check the part that looks like this, it seems to be happening lately for the 2015's.

part: 5K0122157K