2013 VW Jetta TDI with vibration/shimmy when at idle, from a complete stop, putting car into Drive or Reverse

Jan 17, 2021
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I have a 2013 Jetta TDI with 227K miles. I got it at 180K. At that time, the motor was malfunctioning(cant remember what) and I was told by German Auto Repair, it needed an a/c compressor at bare minimum. I completed that work at 18k.

Over the next year, the CEL came on, I took it to several places, and it was the code for the DPF. it definitely needed a DPF and would go into limp mode, but I wasnt wanting to spend that kind of money on that or on exhaust modification. So I didnt do that. I instead ran it with a lead foot and it helped clean it out. I read you can do this, online, and that it helps. Well it did. No more limp mode and it rides smoother now with no hesitations.

I began having additional problems with the car shaking profusely when also at idle. I was told it needed an Intake Manifold. Replacing the intake manifold got rid of most of the crazy shaking. However after I did the intake manifold, there was a very subtle intermittent vibration when you either put the car in D or R from P, or Im at a stop sign with foot on brake. When Im basically at idle, This would It goes away immediately when I give it enough gas to just drift slowly. It was intermittent at that time.

It has since become constant and more recently it sounds like a tunnel sound like you have 2 back windows down when driving but also very subtle but that type of noise. It was due for a Timing Belt/Water Pump and so I did this cat 225k, hoping it would help it out. It did nothing.

So, because its uncomfortable for me to feel the vibration/and sound, if Im at a light or in traffic. I will leave a gap in front of me, so I can drift forward/coast very slowly, versus having my foot on the brake at a complete stop.

I went to the dealer today, they said the CEL is caused by the DPF and Exhaust Flap and both should be replaced, and that will fix the shaking at idle. I went to a German Auto Repair that specializes in VW or Audi only. Without seeing the car, what I told them was going on, they said it is definitely motor mounts needed that will fix the problem and its not the DPF.

I have seen on here and several forums, that its thought to be other things. I am not sure what other peoples experiences are with this.

I am completely confused, I didnt do any other big repairs other than general maintanance like oil changes, the previous owner didnt do much to it either. Only what was covered under warranty.

Could it be something else? This would be great if this was possible.
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Dec 11, 2001
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There are just too many to list....
I love it... keep taking it to different shops, don't believe any of them, then come ask the internet. :D

Between the internet and everyone else that you've dealt with, who has actually had time with the car? Not the internet. We can only guess, and those guesses may just add to your confusion.

Common things that can cause a vibration: DMF, alternator clutch pulley seized, something amiss with the engine itself. That latter of those three will flag a DTC of some sort. DPFs fail on these all the time. That shouldn't cause any vibration, but I suppose if you ignored it long enough it could. Check your tailpipes.... if they are sooty inside, your DPF is bad.


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Sep 20, 2021
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Hi OP, I think I have the same issue as yours. What did it end up being and what was the fix?