2013 Golf TDi Highline


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Apr 1, 2008
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2013 Golf TDi Highline
Planning to move on from my 13 Golf TDi Highline sometime this year. Anyone looking for a car? Here's the specs:

2013 VW Golf TDi Highline w/135,000 km.

Basic Specs:
5 door
2.0 CR TDi Diesel engine
Highline model
Leather seats (heated)
Steering wheel controls
RCD330 headunit (Bluetooth, touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple Car Play)
6 speed manual
Fog lights

Accessories and Upgrades
Malone Stage 2 w/Flashzilla
17" OEM wheels with all-season tires
16" alloy wheels with winter tires
GTi style bi-xenon HID projector headlights (3M wrap, no haze or pitting)
Golf R LED tail-lights
Euro headlight switch
LED interior lights
LED footwell lights
Euro cup holder
Audi A3 solid control arm bushings
Audi A3 shocks and struts
Weathertech floor liners (front, rear, trunk)
Custom front mudflaps for winter (better than stock, doesn't rub paint)
OEM front and rear mudflaps
OEM roof rack
MK5 GTi Alloy/Leather shift knob

Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/Pp5TJ5LZm4Ydbo1t5

The Good

  • Only 1 passenger 95% of the time so leather seats are in great shape.
  • Suspension (struts, shocks, mounts) replaced in October, along with front sway bar links.
  • Control arm bushings upgraded in the summer. Steering is much tighter with those, no tracking left to right in highway ruts.
  • Body is in good shape, some small rock chips here and there as to be expected. 1 small door ding, but no dent just a clear coat scuff I plan to buff out. I park away from the crowd usually.
  • Other parts that I've replaced or upgraded in the past couple years are the emergency brake cables, and front wheel bearings/hub assemblies.
  • I just dealer supplied parts for most of my repairs, exception was there struts and shocks that came from Rock Auto (Bilstein for an A3 Sport), and I don't let noises and issues go without fixing them typically (see exception below due to broken shoulder).
  • Only upgrades I had left on my list to do before deciding I was going to move on is a DPF delete (~$500 from BuzzKen and a small fee to change the tune) and a replica VW logo flip camera from AliExpress (~$135) that plugs right into the RCD330 headunit.
  • Airbag recall is being completed in the next couple of weeks, once VW locally gets the part in.
  • TDI "fix" was done, though those parts would be replaced with a DPF delete if I weren't going to part ways.

The Bad

Nothing to be honest. The car fires up in the morning, drives me to work, to the hiking trail, and home.

The Ugly

  • 2 of the all season tires have extra wear on one edge. I broke my shoulder after I did the control arm bushings, and it took a couple months to get at the struts and shocks. In that time the inside edges wore a bit more. Going to have them rotated to be on the outside so that noise isn't an issue.
  • There is a scratch on the glovebox from the previous owner (I picked this up from Montreal in 2015 and drove it home). Hoping to find one at the junk yard if a MK6 eventually makes it there.
  • One of the foglights gets seems to get fogged up, think the seal is bad. Was going to replace but I don't use them.

Overall, it's been a great car. I had a MK4 Jetta for quite a while before this and it is quite the upgrade. I'm looking at moving to an AWD wagon for the extra space in the boot.


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Most important question will be - how much are you asking?

Given the distance, you're likely better off to sell it locally