2010 Jetta TDI Sedan BT & Nav Upgrades


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Jan 16, 2002
Plymouth, MA
2010 Cup Edition
So my TDI Cup Edition came with RCD-510 (Premium 8) head unit, 9W3 Bluetooth, MFSW, MIDI and white MFD+....

Upgrading to RNS-510 next. So far I have directly swapped out the 9W3 BT module with the European 9WZ module without issue (plug and play). I Have GPS and GSM antennae ready for RNS-510 swap. I was expecting to need left channel wiring added from the 9WZ to the RNS-510 for stereo eventually, but right now, with the RCD-510 and 9WZ (no VCDS coding changes yet) work great and phone sound is coming through both speaker channels (although, probably in mono, right?).

I have a few questions so far.... if anyone out there has a clue, much appreciate your input.

1. 9WZ pins to RNS-510 pins for the extra audio channel cable (keeping in mind that the harness is still the OEM RCD-510 and 9W3 combo harness.

2. 9WZ supposedly has internal BT antenna, however the external connector is still present on side of module. What is this connector for? Enhancement of BT signal strength? Other? Should I buy another external antenna (sold 9W3 with it's antenna already)?

3. RNS-510 wil require VCDS changes but how about the 9WZ? Details available? I don't seem to be able to play voicemail messages or other phone audio over the car system yet and although I enabled media player functionality in the MFD menu, no luck.

4. Best routing for the extra audio channel cable and links to necessary DIY or what has to be removed replaced (I have MKV Bentley manual online access but it is not updated for 2010 TDI or Cup Edition yet, if that matters). Also, best routing/placement for GPS and GSM antennas?

Willing to put up DIY tutorial if there is demand, but I want to get this right the first time if possible because every time you remove trim pieces, it is risky. Speaking of which.... best method or proven DIY documentation for trim removals (head unit, wiring route, etc)?

All input is welcome. Of course I'd prefer input specific to my vehicle and options if possible... TIA!​


Aug 4, 2014
2010 Jetta Sedan, Graphite Metallic Blue, 6-speed manual
If you're still trying this, I'll bite. I just bought a used 2010 Jetta TDI without Nav. It has Bluetooth, but the phone contacts won't load. There's another thread showing how to reprogram the radio using a VAG-COM by changing a single code that brings up the full phone display. Once I get a VAG-COM, I will look into it.

My question: if this is simply a computer with digital in/out for audio and visual (it has a touch screen), couldn't you simply add a GPS receiver and program it to display?

I can't help right now since I'm still learning. I think I have the Premium 8 RCD-510 and BT yours came with, but I haven't learned all that yet. I found this thread looking for info on how to load an SD card. I have several SD cards, but not all work.

Let me know if you're still working this; it's been 3 years. You're already done or you gave up by now :)