2009 high beam bulb retainer fix


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Nov 12, 2008
North Jersey
2009 Jetta
This worked for me, maybe someone else will also find it useful.

My 2009 Jetta high beam bulbs are NASTY to replace.
The retaining clips EASLY pop out of their holder,
and seem impossible to reinstall unless you remove
some body panels to gain access to the rear of the
headlights. I therefore invented my own "retainer"
to hold the bulbs in without using the original clips.
I took a piece of 1/8 inch thick clear Plexiglas which
is available in Sears or any hardware store. I cut a
piece 80mm by 30mm and rounded the corners. I then
drilled and taped a 1/4 inch hole slightly offset of
center and installed a 1 inch long bolt. My bolt happens
to have a large flat disc on it, I got it at Sears in the
bolt department. Any bolt will due. I also put a cap
nut on mine to make it easier to tighten by hand.
The way this works is when the high beam bulb is in
its holder (make sure you get the tabs positioned right
on the bulb as to fit correctly in the holder), the
Plexiglas piece can be set INSIDE the round housing
where the bulb is by angling it in since the opening of
the housing is about 70mm. In my case the large flat
end of the bold pushes on the plastic back of the bulb
and I tighten the cap nut to apply pressure thus holding
the bulb into the socket. These instructions seem rather
long for this simple task, but I felt it necessary to go
overboard on the procedure. I don't think you should
attempt this if it's not clear to you or you're not at
all handy. To me it works great and it was easy to
accomplish. Now I can change this bulb in a matter of
seconds as opposed to the frustration of reinstalling
those damn clips.


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Feb 21, 2008
The Island,BC
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my bulbs are going to get repleced soon too..I have the part at home already.....are the bulb retainers the same on an "06?


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Apr 2, 2011
2006 Jetta
Repost image

I would like to see the image.

My clip popped out and spend hours trying to get the bulb back in. Ended up having a mechanic take the front of the car off to fix it. RIDICULOUS