2006 volkswagen jetta 2.5 gas


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Apr 6, 2024
2006 volkswagen jetta 2.5
I have a 2006 volkswagen jetta 2.5. It's full of freon,and the compressor is coming on.
All of a sudden the A/C is blowing heat. Also there is heat blowing 24/7 even if the A/C and heat are set to off. We've changed the control knobs,changed the blend door behind the glove box,and cabin air filter. When you take the cabin filter out it's blowing cooler(not cold) from there. Also the tube that goes into the glove box is blowing cool. Does anyone have any ideas as to what else could be going on. I've read all kinds of fourms and threads as to what it could be. But they are all for 2002 or older vehicles and won't apply to the 2006 modle. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. It's starting to get hot here, and driving 60 miles on the Interstate one way to work will be miserable. Thank you in advance.


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The standing joke is that the HVAC box in these cars....the rest of the car is built around it.

Do you have automatic climate controls, or manual? That might make a difference on your mk5 car.

To help with your search, you're looking for a Mk5 HVAC blend door
(Mk6 shares a lot of underpinnings with Mk5, just with different "skin", so you could look at those, too)


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There are just too many to list....
Since it is impossible (because science, physics, whatever) to have air conditioning "blow hot", you must have a situation where the heater is stuck on.

The motor behind the glove box is just for recirculating air, it has zero to do with temp control. And since the cabin filter is before the heater core, and air movement over there will be cool (with A/C on) or ambient (outside air), not heated.


You need to remove the access panel near the accelerator pedal, and look up under the dash at the left side of the HVAC case while you move the temp control knob back and forth and see if you can see anything moving, like in this picture.