2005 TDI Fest Vendors list


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Nov 24, 2003
Wisconsin, USA
New Beetle, 98, Blue
UPDATE: The vendor list is STILL getting longer. This is going to be great! WE have just about every major vendor here on TDI club participating. Most of them will be here in person!! Come on out and join the fun..say "HI" to these folks, support them and be sure and say "THANKS" for all they are doing to make this event a success.

Name---------------Attending?------------Item Donating
Kerma-------------- REGISTERED --------------Nozzles
RocketChip--------- REGISTERED --------------Chiptuning
Dieselgeek--------- REGISTERED ----Panzer Plate Skid Plate Kit
Upsolute ---------- REGISTERED ------ 2 $50 AMEX Gift Cert. REC'D
tdiparts.com------- REGISTERED ------VagCom software & Cable. 2-$50 Gift Cert. for TDI Parts.com (Oil donation courtesy of ELF)
Metalnerd-------- REGISTERED ----(3) $100 Gift Cert. to Metalnerd REC'D
SinneD-------------- M.I.A. -------------TDI Hats PENDING
Wingnut------------No----------Stainless Steel Vacum Lines PENDING M.I.A.
Blubyu-------------Yes--------------Old Man Intake REC'D
red_golf_tdi------- REGISTERED ------(10) TDI Heaters!!
Wetterauer-------- NO ----- Gift Cert. for chip tuning (2003 and earlier) REC'D
DIESELtuning-----Maybe-----Tuning module ($599 value!!fits 98-2003) REC'D
Smog----------- NO ------2 sets of .205mm nozzles REC'D
Singh----------No---------Mann Provent CCV filter PENDING M.I.A.
TdiRacing Team---- YES -----Ride in Rally Car and 2 t-shirts " CONFIRMED"
National BioDiesel Board--Maybe--t-shirts, polo shirts, stickers REC'D
Evolution Auto Accessories--- NO --skid plate IN TRANSIT
Roseland Technical Services--- NO---2 sets of glow plugs REC'D
Performance Oil Store----- NO---a case (4 - 5 liter jugs) of Motul VW spec 505.01 oil REC'D
Roswell2K.org----- NO ---Monitary donation REC'D
Lubrication Specialist LLC--- NO --gift cert. for 2 CAT Filters. 1 fuel injector service and instalation kit. REC'D