2005 Passat TDI


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Nov 23, 2009
Chaska, Minnesota
98 Jetta, 2005 Passat
It's finally time for me to part with my 2005 Passat. All of the known issues have been taken care of on it.
The balance shaft was deleted at 199,271 miles
camshaft and bearings were replaced at 199,271
Timing Belt and water pump at 199,271
Transmission was services at 199,271
All filters and other fluids changed at 199,271
New motor mounts at 210,019
Glow plugs at 219,590
New lift pump at 229,541
MAF Sensor at 229,973
Battery at 244,367
It has an aftermarket radio installed, that is still controlled by the steering wheel buttons.
I installed a Frost Heater also. It has 2 sets of tires, one summer, one winter, the pictures are of the winter tires on VW steel rims.
It will come with additional filters, glow plugs, both sets of tires and just about everything you would need to convert it to to a manual transmission except the actual transmission.
VW replaced the hood and rear deck lid, both front quarter panels and
repainted one rear quarter under the rust warranty in 2017, so it's rust free!

Current mileage is 274,XXX

$4,000 Located in the Minneapolis Minnesota area.

Average fuel economy over the past six years is 36.6
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