2005 Jetta TDI Wagon - 5 speed manual, Rusty, and Broken Air - Chicago


Apr 15, 2015
Aurora, IL
2005 Jetta TDI Wagon
Sold - 2005 Jetta TDI Wagon - 5 speed manual, Rusty, and Broken Air - Chicago

Sold - traded-in for $600.00

Thanks for all the recent interest. I found a car this morning and got $600.00 on a trade-in. I took the for sure thing.

I really enjoyed my time here and with the TDI. I already miss the fumes and the torque.

$900.00 - Pictures
I’m selling my 2005 Jetta TDI Wagon because I have a new job and I am much closer to work. No more 70 mile round trips!
It also has definitely seen better days and does not warrant me putting any money into it. It’s a great commuter car, point a-to-b.
Great for someone who can also do their own work.
I consistently get over 40mpg with a heavy foot. I’m going to miss the torque of the TDI.
It has served me well for the last couple years since buying it in April 2015 from forum member GotEuroCorrado. I flew into NJ and then met him in PA and drove it home to Chicago in the same day.
Shared Dropbox folder with the previous forum post details when I bought it, previous two owners receipts, my receipts from ID Parts for the work below, pictures, a video, and any other relevant details.
The good:
VNT 17 Turbo w/RocketChip Stage 1 Tune from previous owner.
5/2017 - Oil change, fuel filter, air filter, and cabin filters replaced.
1/2016 - New battery
The bad:
328k+ miles and it shows, especially on the body. There is rust on most, if not, all portions of the car.
This car *will not* pass emissions testing. Illinois does not have testing for diesel. The first time I had this up on the rack, I noticed that there is no cat and it is welded straight from the engine to the muffler.
The air conditioning failed two weeks ago. I did some basic troubleshooting and it seems to be the compressor and not a simple fuse/fuse box issue. Both front fans spin and the cabin air flows, but it is not cold and the compressor does not kick on. Could be something simple, but I don’t think it is. Not worth me paying to have investigated.
Needs two new front tires. I was waiting until the summer was over to replace them.
The wipers tend to get stuck every once in a while. I had the linkage replaced and it is better, but I am wondering if it is an intermittent motor issue.
The sunroof got stuck open in the fall. I was able to hand-crank it closed. I did some troubleshooting. The motor gets power and seems to work, but unsure if it is weakened or there is an issue with the track. I just closed it and disconnected the power to the motor. It is sealed properly and does not leak from the sunroof.
The back seat was folded down and the bottom latch plastic broke.
The armrest latch is broken.
Surprisingly, both the center dash-mounted cup holders and the glove box door are not broken!
2005 Jetta TDI - 5 Speed Manual - Wheat Beige, Black interior.
Engine replaced at 243,000. Replacement engine had 62,000 at time of install.
Front Brakes were upgraded. When ordering front brake parts order for a 2003 1.8T Jetta GLS
According to tirerack.com - Brembo Front Rotor 25917
Outside Diameter (mm): 288
Nominal Thickness (mm): 25
Oil - 5W-40 - 505.01 Spec
268,000 - Timing belt replaced by previous owner
I purchased at 294,000 in April of 2015.
297,824 - Replaced 2 tires, placed 2 good front tires on rear
298,500 - Oil change (Liqui Moly Diesel HighTec), Replaced air, cabin, and fuel filters.
302,000 - Replaced driver's rear caliper (seized), brake line to caliper, brake light bulb, rear rotors (Zimmerman), rear pads (TRW), license plate mounting screws.
304,500 - Replaced both rear wheel hubs and bearings (FAG) and right rear brake cable to caliper.
309,500 - Replaced battery (VW OEM) - Warranty via VW, have scanned receipt
313,325 - Oil Change (Pentosin HP2)
316,777 - Replaced 2 tires, placed 2 new tires on rear
327,429 - Oil change (Liqui Moly Diesel HighTec), Replaced wiper linkage, wiper arm cap, air, cabin, and fuel filters.
328,500+ Current milage and will go up based on daily commute.
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