2005 Fest Wrap-up


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Oct 14, 2002
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-Carbon Copy to the TDIClub-

November 3, 2005

Dear Fred,

Please find enclosed a check for $5,962.59, the proceeds of the 2005 TDIFest event. This is the balance of the checking account after all expenses were paid. Although we tried to keep as detailed records as possible, the combination of “day of registrations”, raffle ticket sales, Dyno fees, etc. made it impossible to keep track of the funds to any level of detail. In the end all we could do was subtract the expenses from the cash deposited to generate the donation to the club. We do realize the balance could have been higher, but some money was lost on the banquet dinner where some meals were not prepaid due to our lack of planning.

Based on the best records available, we had 142 full registrations and an additional 44 spouses/children for a total of 186 registered participants. This of course does not include the many unregistered guests who stopped to check out the biodiesel presentations, car show, etc. It is hard to gauge the true number of people who stopped out at Fest events throughout the weekend, but I would guess the total participation was over 300 people including paid participants, guests, and volunteers.

I would like to thank you for selecting our proposal to host the Fest. It was a challenging and rewarding experience. While we did not match the prior year donation level, we hope you are satisfied with the outcome of this years Fest. While we understood a major goal of the Fest is to raise money to support the website, we made a conscious decision to focus on making the Fest a fun, valuable, and enjoyable experience rather than focusing on generating the most money for the club. Although we did not break records with our donation, I feel we produced a valuable event that has brought the TDI community closer together, and still generated a nice donation to the club. I also hope others can take away from the event and make future Fests bigger and better.

Edward Chady


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Jul 30, 2002
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Good job, Ed & gang!

Thanks for all the work that went into that donation. I bet that had something to do with this huge software upgrade...;)

The Philly team will work hard to hopefully produce as well as you did this year.

The 2006 Fest registration page should be available soon...:cool:

VW Derf

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Jul 3, 1996
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You guys did one awesome job organizing the Fest. Thank you so much for the funds that were raised and all that hard work and sweat. Getting your friends and family in on it all was especially great. The funds have been earmarked for a hardware upgrade that I'm hoping to implement after Christmas. You were close to raising what Boston did and probably had more attendees.
I hope you guys can make it to Philly this year to enjoy the fest from the other side. I hear it's a lot less stressful ;)
Thanks again for all that hard work, I'll put the results of your efforts to good use!