2004 Passat For Sale


Dec 3, 2019
2004 Passat
Edit: price reduced from $1800 to $1600.
Hey folks,
2004 Passat 2.0 TDI. Located in Philadelphia, registered in Fairfax County, Virginia.
$1,600 OBO
~160,000 miles
Needs new front engine mounts and turbo needs work, otherwise in great shape.
Inspection expires July 2020.
New battery Sept 2019; new headlights, high beams, and running lights Dec 2019.
I am looking to sell my 04 Passat to a good home. I bought the car from a relative (only PO) who took very good care of it. All work had been done by the dealer with him and the only work I've done myself have been two oil changes. I am getting looking to sell because I don't need a car in the city and the repairs are too much for my bank account. Aside from the turbo and engine mounts, she's solid. I am hoping to find someone willing to get it fixed because she still has plenty of life left in her.
Please see the inspection linked below.

Inspection notes: Significant things are the front engine mounts that need replacing. Not listed on the inspection is the turbo issue. The acceleration on the car is pretty weak. I can drive it safely and get to highway speeds but I can't "punch it". Mechanic says it will likely need replacing.

Photo notes: The car does have minor scratches and dings here and there but nothing major. There was some bubbling from rust on the driver's side front wheel well which I chipped off and painted to prevent it from getting worse. No more rust to my knowledge. I am missing the "I" on the TDI emblem on the back.
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