2004 Jetta TDI BEW vs ALH EGR delete kit


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Feb 12, 2024
2004 Jetta TDI BEW
New to the TDI world and have a question about the EGR delete kits, I have a 2004 Jetta TDI with the BEW engine. All I am finding online are kits for the ALH engines. My question is, will the ALH delete kit work on the BEW engine? Are there any differences. I live in Canada so would like to order one from here.


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There are just too many to list....
Yes, they are essentially the same... two block off plates: one goes on the turbo housing itself, one goes on the intake manifold (BEW) or the EGR valve itself (ALH), both cars you just leave the EGR valve on it just won't "do" anything anymore.

The heater hose change is the same, assuming your BEW is a manual. New hose just goes straight from the head to the core.

The main difference is the cooler itself. The ALH has a small vent hose that goes to a T in the vent line assembly from the engine over to the bottle. You need to remove that T and run those two small hoses directly to one another. The BEW's vent setup is a bit more complex, as it has TWO small hoses that run back to the EGR cooler changeover valve that need to be bypassed/eliminated. So long as the remaining vents (one from the head, right at the end behind the tandem pump) and the one to the upper radiator hose continue back and around to the bottle, you'll be fine.


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It is as simple as 'hammer says. The OE routing has a small line out of the heat going to the cooler, and the cooler output then T's into the vent line and the coolant ball. Just a bit of trading around lengths to keep the upper radiator hose line( the small one), the head spigot, and the connection to the coolant ball. No extra hose is needed for this bit... :) or at least I found I needed none.



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all you need are the block-off plates, you can re-purpose the existing hoses, just need a 3/4-3/4" barb. you can make block-off plates by cutting the flanges off the egr pipes and use some decent gauge aluminum flashing. not as "OE" looking, but works 100% fine