2003 vw beetle died while driving, now will not start.


Jul 31, 2021
VW beetle 2003 1.9 tdi
Bare with me as this is my first post to the tdi forum. I have been through a lot of post and although they have been helpful with a lot, I am stuck on this one.
A couple years back I bought a 2003 vw beetle 5 speed TDI. I have slowly spent the last 1.5 years cleaning up and fixing bits and pieces of the car as apparently the previous owners did not understand diesel engines. I say I know enough to be dangerous on my own, but with a book and instructions I can go pretty far, but I prefer to start out of the depth of the engine itself. I have slowly replaced several sensors, filters and random other parts (I will make a complete list) in an attempt to restore this car to it's full potential. A little over a month ago while driving down the interstate going up a hill I lost speed and suddenly like I turned the ignition off it died and I have not been able to get it to start since.
So far fully cleaned and or replaced:
Snow screen
air filter and box
oil filter
Fuel filter
Map sensor
Maf sensor
Intercooler (had a large chunk broken off)
Asv selonoid
All fuses
109 relay
Crankcase speed sensor
All hosing on either side of intercooler leading to turbo completely cleaned out and reconnected.
EGR cleaned out (it was not pretty, minimal opening)
Wiring to fuel shut off and fuel pump all checked out and good.
New fuel sending unit coming in just because by looks it is the original.
New battery back in Jan.

We we finally getting a little smoke as it tried to turn over but still no luck. Is it possible it is still gunked up further down and I haven't dismantled and cleaned far enough or is there something else I'mnot thinking of?