2003 Volkswagen Jetta GL TDI located in Janesville, WI


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Oct 14, 2002
Milton, WI
2003 Jetta GL Black w/gray int.

2003 Volkswagen Jetta GL TDI located in Janesville, WI (53546) asking $5,000
  • Sedan
  • 5 speed manual
  • ~226,000 miles (virtually all highway)
  • Single owner
  • Timing belts changed at 100,000 & 200,000 miles, water pump replaced at the same time as each timing belt
  • Oil changes every 10,000 miles with Delvac1 up until 210,000 miles, then switched to 5,000 mile out changes with RotellaT 5w40
  • Fuel and air filters replaced on schedule
  • Engine mounts replaced at 215,000
  • Battery replaced in the last year
  • I normally drive 75 mph on the freeway and have documented 49+ mpg average over the last 225,000 miles.
  • MAF replaced at 215,000 miles
  • New glow plugs at 200,000
  • Replaced alternator and serpentine belt at 225,000 (used alternator from a 2004 with 80,000 miles)
  • Has a steel skid plate, modified with a small (2”x6”) cut out to allow access to the oil plug. Plug has been replaced with a valve to allow for easy self oil changes.
  • Car was chipped (Rocket Chip 2) at ~100,000 miles.
  • Car had CCV filter added within first few thousand miles.
  • Basic maintenance performed by myself, major work done primarily at Topel’s Towing & Repair in Lake Mills, WI (host site of the 2005 TDIFest)

  • Black
  • Heated mirrors work properly, always turned off when not needed
  • Rear brakes replaced at 150,000 (they were original)
  • Front brakes replaced at 200,000 (they were original)
  • Plug-in Electric Coolant Heater
  • Hitch installed, including wiring. Used primarily to haul bike rack, a few times to pull a 4x8 trailer with mulch, grass clippings, etc.

  • Gray cloth. Seats are stained. Nothing specific, just general staining from lots of use.
  • Non-smoking owner, no pets.
  • Tinted rear and side window’s (forget the %’s, but they are legal in Wisconsin)
  • Basic model, NO sunroof, NO heated seats, NO premium audio

The Bad:
  • ~8“ scratch on the rear bumper.
  • 4” dent on the front left fender.
  • Circular scratches on driver’s side rear door. I believe my lovely girls tried to “wash” daddy’s car with some rocks. The scratches appear to be surface only and probably can be buffed out.
  • The paint on the front bumper and leading edge of the hood is looking rough from age (stone chips and bugs take their toll). Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's a high-mileage car.
  • Several small dents on truck lid.
  • Likely needs suspension work. All is original.
  • Intermittent small oil leak coming off the back-side of the engine. Started at about 210,000 miles. Occasionally have a quarter sized drop of oil on the garage floor, but very inconsistent. Have not seen any sign of oil leak in quite some time. This is the reason I decided to go to a more frequent oil change (5k vs 10k), and due to the timing and price, decided to go from Delvac to Rotella.
  • The car has never had an intake cleaning. Intake was opened up twice at around 60k miles and again at 200k miles, but both times the intake was in really good shape.
  • Occasionally rear-passenger side door does not unlock with key fob.
  • Check engine light has been on for the past 100,000+ miles due to a glow plug CEL. Plugs have been replaced multiple times, but code never seems to go away.
  • Involved in 2 minor accidents. First, hit a deer on the passenger side front panel. Accident was shortly after vehicle was purchased. Never had any issue with color match, panel alignments, etc. Second, neighbor’s son backed into the driver side rear door approximately 3 years ago. Door was replaced. Same thing, no issue with color match or alignment of the door.
  • The floor mat on the driver side is due for replacement.
  • Most everything else is original on the car, suspension, fuel pump, clutch, etc.

  • I have various filters (oil, air, cabin), oil, headlights, etc. I tend to buy these items in bulk, whatever is left will come with the car.

  • Considering selling as I’m not driving the car as much. I now carpool with two other coworkers and am no longer driving 35k miles a year. Also have 2 kids in car seats. Adding/Removing car seats on a weekly basis for car pool is getting old, also the Jetta isn’t exactly the most comfortable car for adults to be riding in the back seat.
  • Car now sits in the garage 5 days a week, and is being driven less than 15k a year. Have loved the car since I bought it. Cost of ownership has been extremely low, and was even better back when I was getting paid 60 cents a mile driving for work!
  • It has been a solid car for me and mechanically I feel like it is in good shape. Given the overall age of the car, and the fact that much of the car is original (suspension, intake never cleaned, etc.), my recommendation is that the future owner have some mechanical skills if they plan to drive it to 300,000k+ (my original goal).
Pictures can be found at: http://pics.tdiclub.com/showgallery.php?ppuser=11386&username=eschady

Unfortunately, the pictures can not do justice to the scratches and dents. Other than the front fender dent and bumper scratch, I really couldn’t get anything else to show up on the picture. But please remember, this car has what I would consider a normal amount of road wear for a vehicle with 200k+ highway miles.

Please contact me with any questions.

Ed Chady
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