2003 Golf. No start/hunting idle/"Quantity Limit Reached"


Grammar Scout
May 28, 2006
2003 Golf
2003 ALH doesn't start or when it does idle hunts.
  • Bosio DLC 1019 (ULSD RATED) Next Generation Design
  • TDTuning (vwmikel) Stage 3 Tune
  • EGR Blockoff
  • Simlified Vacuum Harness eliminating EGR.
Current mileage: 167xxx
"Recent" Maintenance.
  • 165k - Oil Change
  • 163k - Timing Belt
  • 163k - Fuel Filter
  • 163k - Air Filter
I did have a small issue where the nipples on my Cylinder 1 return was leaking causing all sorts of hard to find issues: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=386635 So it was having some hard start issues for a while.
Car ran great after the timing belt. Timing was dead on. No issues. Went to Walmart about a month ago. I did some spirited driving (I hadn't been driving in a few weeks) on the way home (10 miles) and didn't notice anything. The next day I went out to start it and ... nothing.
As we say at work: Air, Fuel & At the right time. (Alternatively: Suck Squeeze Bang Blow). Checked everything and assumed it must have been timing somehow. I triple checked all the fuel (thinking it was the issue I had in the past). Give the smell of unburt diesel and hard starting I deduced it was too retarded.
So I loosened the IP bolts and turned the pump all the way clockwise (advanced timing, I 'm pretty sure). I got it started and it actually ran just fine for about a day or so. Then driving home one day I pushed in the clutch and it died. I popped it to restart and had to keep it above 1500 RPM to get it home. Then
This weekend I redid the timing. Removed the cam gear, locked the IP. I marked the belt and it looks like somehow I skipped a tooth (or it was always off).
However. Same hard start problems. Tossed on VCDS:
  • P1562 "Fuel quantity adjuster upper limit reached"
Something is also very loud. However I really can't pin point it. I'm all out of ideas. I've tried the hammer mod with almost no effect. So I decided to do a few things and hope TDI Club can help.
Setup 1)
Timing cranked all the way retarded. IP in the "original spot".

Starts, catches dies.
Setup 2)
Timing cranked all the way advanced. IP Hammered just a bit to the drivers side. (Camera is facing front of car). High idles around 2500 RPM. But is smooth there.

Setup 3)
Timing cranked all the way advanced. IP hammered just a bit to the passenger side. Rough idle.

Setup 4)
Timing set about to the center. IP hammered about back to stock. Rough idle but a bit clacki-ity-er.

On the rough idles the IQ is all over the place.

Full scale is 10 mg/stroke. So you can see it's all over the place.
Oh, and for some reason my injectors are crazy imbalanced. (I paid extra for the balancing from DBW/Kerma)

Current theory is that when I had the air in the system a while ago the long cranking caused my pump to eat itself and the effects are just now showing up.


Grammar Scout
May 28, 2006
2003 Golf
Gotta love good news:

So does this mean I should buy another set of injectors too? Or at least have mine re-pop tested?