2002 Jetta GLS TDI for sale


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Apr 21, 2004
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:)2002 A4 TDI , 2006 A5:)
-2002 TDI GLS Jetta Sedan Navy Blue
-Power windows, locks, mirrors and moonroof
-388,000 miles
-Maintained by the book by myself
-100k miles timing belt done at 320k w/new water pump
-505.00 oil used
-New alternator, suspension upgraded to Bilstein HD at 300k
-Monsoon Radio
-Heated seats, windshield washer nozzles and rearview mirrors
Upgrades include:
Sprint 520
EGR de-activated
New VR6/G60 clutch and flywheel at 330k miles
Boost valve
E-Codes headlights w/fog
Rear fog
Rear fog cluster and switch icons
Glovebox AC
Leather shift boot
Euro turn signal mod
Convenience turn signal mod
Cold Cathode trunk lighting
TT shifter
Air Filter Minder
Fuel pre-filter
Killed idiot switch
5.5l windshield washer tank
Check Temp II
Euro split mirrors
Self-Dimming rearview mirror
Remote-controlled electric windows
VW Euro-Hitch (Bosal Type)
Red I on TDI badge
Monster Mats
VW radiator grill covers for winter
Radio auxiliary input for Android (2 RCA, can swap wire for I-Pod)
The car drives great with no clunks in the suspension. The head gasket and EGR valve need to be replaced. Recent maintenance include:
all bushings front and rear
wheel bearings recent
blower fan
transmission has 250k
battery is 3 years old (went 6 on prior one)
front brakes
accessory belt tensioner new
timing belt good for another 30k
Because I need a car at all times and don't have the time to repair it, I had to get another car. The winter wheels are on it now and will consider adding them with the car (tires fit our other car).
Asking $1500 or BO. I'll throw in the Bentley repair manual, Vag-Com 3rd party cable, some oil filters, thermostat and other parts I may have.

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Dec 11, 2001
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There are just too many to list....
Dang, wish I had a few less project cars, I'd snatch that up. Good luck with your sale, sounds like a decent deal.


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Oct 2, 2008
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I wish I wasn't so far away.... I'd make sure it went to a good home!


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Oct 17, 2003
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pepper- did you ever write up the how-to for the rear fog icon? The voretx link is broken, and we can't let the knowledge fade away with your Jetta!