2002 Golf - she's got it where it counts - $6500


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Feb 11, 2005
Island near Vancouver
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As a great man once said, “She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid.” :D

Seriously, though, the body is in pretty good shape - no rust at the usual trouble points, but previous owner had something heavy on the roof rack and left some depressions up top - totally surface-level stuff.

This car started as a 2.0L (gas) Golf, that then got an engine that had 270K km on it; odometer is showing body mileage of 343K km. And as I was doing the engine swap, well....pretty much everything else got swapped as well.
Bought this car and set to fix it up to use as my fun-mobile, but then stumbled into another ALH car, but with a 6speed MT, so with the driveway (and marriage) having limited car space, this one has to go.

Pretty much EVERYthing that's a wearable has been replaced with OE-equivalent parts since I got it - nothing with more than 5000km on it.

Asking $6500USD / $8800CAD - located on Vancouver Island (right where it's shown on the CarPlay photo below with the map); put down a deposit and I'd be willing to meet you at one of the BC Ferries main terminals to had over the keys.

* VR6 clutch and solid flywheel
* timing belt / water pump and all the rollers
* BEW 5sp. manual transmission (slightly taller 5th than the ALH - 70mph/110kph is just under 2500rpm)
* serp belt and alternator pulley
* rotors and pads front and back
* struts, shocks
* swaybar bushings
* wagon springs on rear
* 20mm lift kit up front; 30mm in rear
* rear axle bushings
* rebuilt & calibrated .216 Wuzetem nozzles / injectors
* @burpod custom tune (great acceleration, great mpg, no smoke) - easily gets 5L/100km
* Euro MFA cluster with Euro overlays (easy to swap to "normal" ones if you like
* armrest intact and functional
* both front door lock modules replaced
* two keys
* windshield - replaced like 300km ago, perfect condition.
* open / close windows with key fob
* parking brake cables
* cleaned intake
* cylinder compression 480-495psi
* backup camera
* 1.25" hitch receiver
* Conti DWS06 tires - 95% tread on OE rims
* Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto head unit
* custom-built HID projector headlights

(I'll also add that if you don't want the rear quite so tall and stiff, I can replace the wagon springs with a set of OE Golf springs. I often had a bike or two on the back, hence the added beef to the rear suspension.)

Full asking price will include a set of Michelin X-ice tires on 16" OE rims, glass headlight lenses, the pictured Audi TT leather steering wheel, and Evolution Import skid plate.

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Aug 12, 2004
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Nice car ! GLWS .