2002 Cruise control did not disengage


Apr 18, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
2003 New Beetle
I was driving on the freeway, after exiting I tapped the brake to disengage the cruise control. It did not disengage. The brakes kind of locked up a bit. Scared me. After a moment of panic I was finally able to get the cruise to turn off. My fiance just had the same issue. I am considering getting rid of the car because this issue un-nerves me a bit.

Possibly unrelated, but sometimes when I turn my signal on to change lanes the cruise decels for a second and then returns to normal.

2002 Jetta TDI

Any help would be appreciated.


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Dec 29, 2006
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I'm not too familiar with Beetles, but..

If your steering wheel is NOT a Multi Fuction Steering Wheel (MFSW), and is without stereo and cruise on the wheel...

With Cruise control ON, if you tap the brakes to disengage the Cruise, then immediately hit the blinker stalk, it is easy to accidentally hit the "resume" upper lever which re-engages the cruise.

I am not syaing that this is your issue, just has happened to me previously

Otherwise, you may have a blinker stalk or cruise control module issue

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Oct 25, 1999
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Your NB has a death wish for you, so you must sell it to me for $1. It is the only way to avoid a horrible firey death.

OK, well if you don't believe that, then maybe you just need to replace the switch(es) on the brake pedal.

If you decide to replace the turn signal stalk, it is pretty easy to do. Just find one from a car being parted out. Make sure it is one that has the toggle switch on the end, not the older push button design. The older one will fit, but the switch gear inside isn't as good as the later toggle switch one.


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Apr 14, 2009
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Or to me for double the price! hell I'll even triple it 3 bucks! :)

But really,

I second the motion for a new brake switch and or a new stalk switch set. obviously you could wait for the stalk switch until it gets pesky.... Here is a link to order a new brake switch if you have the late model version.

They are super expensive :) .