2001 Jetta TDI Atlanta FS


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Sep 13, 2007
Suwanee, Georgia
2005.5 pkg 2
I'm selling my Manual 2001 with 307K miles.
I will be listing on Autotrader soon, but wanted to mention it here first since it would probably take someone from this forum to see her true, inner beauty.
Black leather interior, in good shape for the miles. Could use a paint job.
Very good Toyo tires, estimate at least 80%, good balance and alignment, rides great, good brakes.
Oil changes every 8K using Rotella T, TB jobs (3 since I owned it) always done by gurus.
Within past 6 months replaced all components of AC, Timing Belt, Radiator, Oil Pan, Serp. Belt, Had Intercooler cleaned out and EGR cleaned.
New clutch with past year or so.
Not a beauty, but it is a blast to drive, actually running great. Still getting mid 40's up to 50mpg on the interstate last time I checked.
Only issue is a little slow down shudder lately and it probably does need a battery.
I wish I was in a position to part it out, but wife won't let me.
Asking $3200.
PM me for questions.
I have pictures, but not sure how to post them.
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