2001 Golf 5spd TDI - $3300 - South TX


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Feb 25, 2012
Western NC
2000 Jetta ALH - 5spd
This is not my ad on craigslsit. I just happen to keep my eye out for those that are close to me being that I am living in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon right now.

I keep my eye out for good deals even when I am out of the country...so I figured those who were interested may like this find. I called the guy the other day and he answered in Spanish but he had told me it had 164k or so on it...something like that. I dont know but seems like a good deal if all checks out if anyone is close to MCALLEN-PHARR, TEXAS. Its right on the border US MEXICO.:D

Someone check it out Im dying to know if its worth it! Im sure he will take less too.