2000 jetta starts then dies. No immobilizer light. No response from engine controller


Oct 2, 2012
Tricities wa
2000 jetta tdi

I really am stumped with this problem. I have a 2000 jetta tdi that starts and runs fine for 2 seconds then dies every time. I have a flashing glow plug light that comes on and I have engine light on. The immobilizer light is not on. I cannot get the engine controller to respond with my vag com but have never had a problem doing so before. I have checked the dlc power, ground and k-link voltage(9v). I have checked and changed the obvious fuel filter and have fuel coming out of the lines. The fuel shut off has power all the time the ignition is on. Checked all the fuses. Tested the 109 relay. The relay is fine but the input ground #85 when checked with my power probe 3 displayed sporatic ground on and off and blinks fast. I am not sure if this is normal or not and may be coming from the ECM. I am pulling my hair out as this is my family car. I am a mechanic but I need some one that knows where to go from here. Any help is very very much appreciated.

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Mar 17, 2005
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I had a similar issue a few years back on my 01 Jetta. Mine died on me passing a truck at about 4,000 RPM and then would do the 2 seconds and die routine. I wasn't getting any codes at first. I went as far as changing my injection pump to try and fix the problem. I don't remember all of the specifics but it ended up being the crank shaft rotation sensor ( not sure of the proper name anymore ). It's on the lower front side of the engine and senses flywheel rotation.


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Jan 18, 2001
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Yes, the crank speed sensor is what cured a similar situation for me.
The engine would start and die. Then, in an effort to trace the bad components, I unplugged the N75 valve and a few other things along the back row and it would not start at all. Something was finding a way to connect thru the circuitry of a different component.

The engine speed sensor was the culprit after all.


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Dec 17, 2002
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No matter how old it was it can still help when someone is looking for the same issue.:)