2000 Golf 4-dr 5-speed, Central VA


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Jul 19, 2013
Central VA
03 Jetta, 02 Golf
White with tan cloth. Power windows, no sunroof. 320k miles.
Less than 5k miles on head gasket and timing belt service. OE parts, the head was checked for straightness, and timing set with VCDS.
All stock except
1. Bosio pp520's that were installed at the same time as the other work.
2. Open (stock) downpipe. I realize I'm in the extreme minority, but I love the sound. I wasn't planning on selling the car when I cut it. I have most of the stock system here, if you want to patch it back together.
Interior is in fair condition. Definitely shows wear, but no major problems. The headliner is probably the worst part.
Exterior is not perfect, but very good. A few small dings and scratches.
Currently has OE roof rack, S4 steering wheel, and bbs rxII's. Tires have decent tread, but also some dry rot. I have a set of steelies with OE hubcaps and good tires, if you prefer.
Clean title in my name.
Located in Central VA 23960