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2 good Diesel specialty repair places IL and IA


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Aug 6, 1999
lost to new england
none in the fleet (99.5 Golf RIP, 96 B4V sold)
These guys sound like the real deal. Don't have experience but they are a dealer for Garrett turbochargers.

Anyone with injector or engine system related problems that want it fixed correctly (meaning someone other than the dealer) try these folks. They list VW and Dalmier-Benz repair. They do custom work and aftermarket installation.

If you have some cash and want to make a super diesel a place like this is where to go. They even advertise a Dyno for Tractors!

North on University, P.O. Box 115
Carlinville, Illinois 62626
FAX: 217-854-8972
Nat'l IL Watts: 1-800-637-2658
1440 Northeast 56th Altoona, Iowa 50009
Des Moines
FAX: 515-265-8657
Nat'l IA Watts: 1-800-237-4692