2.5 V6 TDI auto/manual crankshaft differences


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Jan 6, 2019
97 AHU in a Toyota pickup
I am looking at sourcing a 2.5L V6 TDI for my Audi Allroad conversion (rather than using the BHW 2.0L that I originally planned).

I have found a handful of candidate 2.5L engines, but they are all attached to automatic transmissions. My Allroad is a 6-speed manual and I plan to keep a 6-speed in it (with TDI gear ratios of course). I'm trying to determine what would be involved in mating an 01E manual to an engine that originally was bolted to an automatic.

Apart from the obvious questions of flywheel, pilot bearing, clutch, and dust tins (and ECU retune), my biggest concern is that ETKA shows different crankshafts for automatic and manual transmission installations on these engines.

Anyone here have enough knowledge of these 2.5 V6 engines to tell me what the differences may be between the automatic and manual cranks?

ETKA also shows different crankshafts for automatic and manual versions of the 2.7T gas engine and folks successfully do automatic to manual transmission conversions on those all the time, so my hope is that any difference in the diesel cranks would mirror whatever the difference is with the gas V6 cranks i.e. not matter enough to cause a problem.

Thanks in advance.