1st tank driving impressions


Sep 8, 2011
2012 Passat possibly
Hello all,
Picked up a white tdi SEL last Monday, after having a choice of waiting for the black one i ordered till Jan or taking the White one on the lot, I opted for the white one.

Still on first tank w/ about 430 miles driven so far. Combined driving mpg's is averaging 34.5. Gauge says I should be able to get another 220 miles out of this tank till empty(Which would put me over 600 mixing city/suburb & highway driving = Impressive)

- Im a first time VW driver, the DSG took about a day to get used to, but after that its been smooth. Im enjoying the torque also.

- Overall Im very impressed with the car, interior/exterior, the sound system is awesome. The makes the ride even more enjoyable.

1 issue Im having is the blue tooth. When you prompt the voice command for phone, its saying its not supported. I read through the manual & still couldnt solve the issue. Took it to the dealership and they had to call vw tech to solve the issue and they did two open recalls while I was there (So those of you who have the TDI SEL already, check with your dealer about the open recalls, they were not major) After 2 days, the blue tooth has failed again and so Ill be taking it back for them to correct it. Minor issue, however, its an annoying quirk.


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Sep 3, 2005
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While the mileage sounds about right, don't expect real accuracy until you have had several fill ups. It takes a few cycles to get the accuracy up.


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Nov 1, 2011
West Virginia
2012 Passat 6MT
Congrats on the new car!
Guess I'll post my first tank review as well.

We had planned on getting an SEL as well, and we couldn't find one, and ended up with an SE 6MT. We previously had a EXL-navi accord. I'll compare the car against the Accord since this car is made to compete against it.

Handeling-Accord wins this one, the car just remained flatter and gave you a better idea of what was going on. The Passat does ok, but I think the Accord was better.

Ride/Comfort- Not even close, the Passat is better in most every way. It is so much quiter, smoother, rides better, and feels more refined all the way around. The seats are night and day better, even with the leatherette instead of the Accords leather. One thing that bothers me with the driver seat in the Passat is the seat bottom doesn't tilt back, just up/down etc. The lumbar support in the Passat is great, horrible in the Accord. Heated seats work great. This car just effortlessly drives down the road. In the Accord, you pretty much felt everything.

Ergonomics- Kind of a toss up. I think the placement of the steering wheel, brake, and gas pedal are to far to the right on the Passat. It also feels like the brake and go pedal are to close together. I also wish the steering wheel would go farther down. To me the Accord was better there. Everything else I like better on the Passat, especially the center stack/ radio/hvac controls. Bluetooth worked great in both cars, but I prefer the Passat as it has more options, shows phone/signal between gauges, etc. I think sound quality/radio is similiar even thought the Accord had the navi.

Economy-No surprise here, Passat wins. So far first tank was at 39 mpg. This is pretty much all running around town, rural driving to and from work, just driving the car, average speed was 27 mpg. Accord was getting 23-24 in same conditions. This is awesome. Even though 0-60 times are about the same, the Passat feels like it has way more power. I played around after filling up on the second tank, and 50 mpg should be easy if you are driving for it.

Overall- There is no way I would go back to the Accord even though I had the loaded one and now in the base model TDI. Just love this car and can't wait to drive it. Just hope quality is on same par, the Accords/Hondas I have had in the past (lots of them) have been bullteproof.