1998 VW Jetta TDI 5-Speed (Needs Motor) Minneapolis, Minnesota USA


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Oct 5, 2008
Minneapolis, MN
1998 Jetta TDI
1998 VW Jetta TDI 5-Speed (Needs Motor) Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

1998 Volkswagon Jetta TDI
Exterior Color: Pearl Classic Green Metallic (Dark Green)
Interior Color: Gray
Engine: 1.8L AHU
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Mileage: 256,000 mi
Number of Owners: 4 Including myself and the owner before me was a very close friend. I've been driving it since 2006.
Service Records: Available (90%)
License Tabs: Current to June 2010
Motor Oil: Rotella T 5W40 Full Synthetic
Title: Clean and Clear
Price: Very negotiable (you'll have to tow it away) I would like a little more with the tires and wheels otherwise I have a set of steel wheels to put on it.

Accident History:
200,000 miles - Frontend Collision (2007/10/12)
(Airbags and passenger seatbelt deployed)
Replaced: Radiator (NEW VALEO), AC Condenser(NEW OEM), Grille(USED), Hood(USED), Passenger fender(USED), Valence (USED), Hood latch (USED), Fan (NEW), Fan Motor (NEW), Aux Fan (NEW), Fan Cowl (NEW), Headlights (NEW), Fog Lamp Cover (NEW), G12 Coolant (NEW OEM)
Also Serviced at this time: Timing Belt, Valve Cover Gasket, Thermostat, Fuel Filter, Serp Belt

Known Issues:
  • Engine (See Below)
  • Airbags (Driver and Passenger)
  • Passenger Seatbelt
  • Leaked some oil
  • Remote keyfob needs batteries or something else, does not always activate but always alarm always works with key
  • Check Engine light was on, dealer diagnosed as needing new harness.
  • Struts
  • Some Surface Rust
Replaced Recently:
130 Amp Alternator (2009/03/01)
Snorkel (2010/02/10)
Tensioner (2010/01/26)
Timing Belt (2010/01/26)
AC Condenser [Still Sealed Since Accident] (2007/10)
Radiator [NEW VALEO] (2007/10)
Thermostat (2007/10)
Engine Professionally Detailed (2010/01/26)
Interior Professionally Detailed (2009/08/17)
Windshield (2008/06/03)
Fan/Motor (2007/10)
Fan Shroud (2007/10)
Aux Fan (2007/10)
Parking Break (2009/03/18)
Wheel Bearing after pothole(2009/03/18)
Lower Ball Joints (2009/03/18)
Wheel Cylinders (2009/03/18)
Rear Drum Breaks (2009/03/18)
Ignition Switch (2009/01/21)

Also Available:
General Altimax HP P185/60R14 [Over 50% Treadlife left] (2009/03/18)
Borbet 14" Wheels Type CA (2007/03/27)

I hate to get rid of it but I have too much going on now to turn it into my project. I already have my Explorer ripped apart and just need to do some spring cleaning. I was driving this as my daily driver as I put on the miles as a consultant. It has been very reliable for me up until the past few months. I have had to put very little into it.

In February I was driving the car and it just stopped running. I had it towed into the local VW shop as I didn't have time to look into it and they determined that the timing belt tensioner had failed but miraculously the engine had survived. The belt was just about due for replacement anyways so I went ahead and had the repairs done along with some other things I had been putting off. Both the Tech and Service manager drove it and were amazed how well it ran. When the service technician had it torn apart he stated the engine had looked to have half the miles it actually had. He spent several days on it; I think he was enjoying the project. After getting the car back it ran fantastic for another 1000 miles. Then we get to where we are today with a destroyed engine. The technician stated that there must have been some unseen wear on the crank shaft or a crack/bend in a push rod that wasn't diagnosed when the tensioner failed. I haven't got the final service record from them yet and have gotten different stories when I have called over there so I'm not really sure the full extent of the damage but I do know it is probably due for an engine swap/rebuild.

I did not have time to waste so I went out and found a 2003 GLS 5-speed TDI to replace it with. I will admit though its not quite as fun to drive as the old A3 but I do like it a lot.

Anyways the 1998 needs a home and soon. It has been sitting in the dealer's lot now for several weeks and I need to get it out of there before they start charging me storage. I just don't have the heart to send it to the dump but it does need some work and does have lots of new parts on it.

Ideally I would like to get a couple hundred bucks for it and or maybe another hundred or two for the wheels/tires but at this point I just need to get it out of there so please feel free to make any offers. First come first served.

Marc Wiebusch
Ph: <removed>
Mail: <removed>
Email works best as my schedule is very busy the next few weeks. If you call and I am unable to answer please leave a voicemail. Thank you!
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Oct 5, 2008
Minneapolis, MN
1998 Jetta TDI
Thanks for everyone's interest. The 1998 is in the hands of a new owner and will hopefully be back on the road again soon!