1998 Random Miss or Blip


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Apr 28, 2010
Bozeman, MT
1998 TDI Jetta, 1986/88 NA Diesel Jetta
I've searched a bit for others with a similar problem, but can't find much info to use. Three times in the last two weeks, my 98 Jetta has had what I'm calling a random miss or blip. All three times, driving at a steady 35 mph or so when the car seemed to shut off for a split second. Either the glow plug or the check engine light flashes in the dash, then everything returns to normal. It happens so quick that I really can't tell which light is flashing, I only see an orange flash. The headlights and all electrical stuff remains on. I replaced the ignition switch two years ago.
I haven't plugged in the Vag-Com yet; my wife took the car to work today.
Any one else seen a similar problem?