1998 New Beetle FMIC size and A/C related questions


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May 21, 2013
Southern California
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1998 New Beetle FMIC fitment

I was popping my clutch on a mountain road Friday night due to a dead battery and promptly stuffed my passenger corner into a huge rock!
Results so far indicate a smashed bumper corner, smashed valence, cracked mesh, broken whatever the plastic liner is that covers the bottom of the car, and broken IC/smashed shroud.

I'm on the fence about a new bumper. Maybe a nice looking aftermarket one, maybe a used white OE one, not sure if the local shop that does glasswork can repair this one, so I'm leaving it stock/broken for now. If you have some suggestions about that then please let me know.

I am considering installing a FMIC instead of just replacing the stock IC and shroud. In reality, the main thing is I need to get my car back on the road ASAP. My bug is an hour away so measurements and checking things out is a difficult process.

I'd like to retain the in/out on the same side so I don't have too much worry about pipe routing. I'd like to find one with 2" in/out instead of these 2.5"
But in terms of dimensions, I'm wondering if either of these would fit without surgery:
As I was thinking about this I realized that I have no idea where the A/C condenser is located or whether I place the IC in front or behind the A/C condenser (assuming it's in front of the radiator).
Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
And if people have parts and are located near the PNW I'd appreciate any help/deals available.
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