1996 Passat wagon


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Apr 18, 2002
Long Island NY, relocating to Louisiana next week
1996 Passat wagonTDI, 02 jetta sedan, on the dark side 2017 Rav4
Thinking of selling my 96 passat wagon.
Engine always starts first crank, newer transmission, new ac system.
Took apart interior tracking down leak.
Found one of roof drain tubes clogged.
Still slight leak from door drivers side molding.
Rust whole in floor board, drivers side, and on rear passenger foot well. I can replace interior or you can insulate and start fresh. Typical clear coat peeling.
Once the motor mounts are replaced (I have them), will drive perfect. Now it pulls to side on hard acceleration.
Second owner since 2008. Some Service by TDIJetta99
Then by Mike in Montague.
I relocated to Louisiana in 2019. 285k
Looking to get $2500. Love this but, its time to move on, I'm 68 and don't have the motivation/energy to complete. Many trips over the years never let me down, from Albany to Virginia and many places in between
Will post more pics if any interest or IM me