@140,000 Miles. PM items given what we know.


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May 25, 2004
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2004 Passat Sedan, 2016 E250 Sport
A friend of mine (Passat-Powerstroke - add edit) who replaced the BSM and camshaft at 180,000 (corrected from 160,000 - add edit) miles had the new geared BSM's hex shaft round out at 260,000 miles. No oil pressure! He sent me pictures of the rounded shaft. Assuming the GBSM was installed/lashed correctly, 80,000 miles is very disappointing. Does anyone know if the mating surface also rounds out? Is the fit a clearance/slip/press fit? Anyone check the hardness or material of the hex shaft?

I'm at 140,000 miles on my B5.5 TDI after having the geared BSM installed at 60,000 miles. The car runs very well, and is in great cosmetic shape. 80,000 miles later means that I have to think about replacing the timing belt, etc.
The transmission pan was dropped at 60,000 and 100,000 miles for a new filter and fluid. When I first get into the car at temperatures below 25 F, the trans shifts very crisp. A few miles down the road, the trans shifts smoothly and stays that way.
I started using Pentosin HP II 5w40 when the car hit 40,000 miles in the hope that the cam lobe wear would be reduced. Since new, the car has used approximately 350 ml every 5,000 miles. I check the oil every 5,000 miles and before doing an oil/filter change to better monitor the oil consumption.
Even after 8 years, I still like the car. RCII, RSB, AUX radio input, lowered 1.25" with stiffer springs plus some other mods all have added to the enjoyment. I have gotten a high of over 900 miles on a single tank years ago, and on less controlled road trips I still get MPG in the high 40s.
When I bring in the car for the upcoming timing belt service, does it make sense to also have the hex shaft replaced? Perhaps also replacing the oil pump and/or the hex shaft's mating balance shaft would be a good idea? Any idea of how much this would add to the cost of a timing belt service? I also plan to have the transmission serviced, camshaft inspected, thermostat and housing replaced, rubber brake lines replaced and flushed.....
Any other suggested preventative maintenance items? I'd like to get another 100,000 worry free (as possible) miles out of the car before the next timing belt service. By that time I hope Audi offers an A5 diesel in the USA.:)
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