12V/24V DC circulation pump for coolant


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May 30, 2007
West Chazy, NY
2003 Jetta TDI, 2006 Golf TDI
I am looking for a 12 v DC circulation pump for coolant to heat my converted TDI up quicker and use less diesel. Below is a description of one sold at Plantdrive for $200. Anyone know of another one like it or where else I can get it for less? Thanks, Chris

12V/24V DC circulation pump for coolant

wear out, no shaft seals to leak. 50,000 hour rated. Used by the military as a booster pump to circulate coolant to the rear of Hummers.

Variable speed! Adjust the dial on the base to get the flow rate you need.

Very low power requirement: 1.9 amps: with a good battery (Optima yellow top combination deep cycle/starting battery for example), this means the pump can be run a number of hours after the engine is shut off and use residual heat to keep a system (in-tank heater, filter, fuel lines) warm!

If you plug in a 120V block heater for the engine, or use our 120V pad heater on a timer (and always use a heavy-duty irrigation timer - a cheap lamp timer won't handle the amp draw) and the pump will circulate heated coolant to entire system all night, for a fast switchover to heated SVO in the morning on the coldest nights; then run the pump as a booster pump to get maximum flow to the in-tank heater while driving.

Can be operated on 12 or 24V systems. Easy to change motor out to 120 VAC if desired, you do not even have to remove the pump from the coolant lines. Let us know if you need the 120 V AC version instead of this one! We can ship that way.

Can be mounted with brass housing up, or on side. Do not mount with brass housing down. Mounting bracket is not included.

1/2" NPT fittings. Brass housing withstands high temperatures.

Brushless motor.

1 year warranty.


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Aug 1, 2005
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Many high end cars use a coolant pump for the heater core. It boosts heat while idling. My Lexus and Lincoln both use one.

A wrecker could set you up cheap, or look at the replacement market.

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Dec 30, 2007
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bkrems12 said:
try searching for an auxiliary water pump at thepartsbin.com - closer to $50 for a Mercedes Benz replacement pump

This is the one I used, just because it came with wires that I could cut and wire into my 12v switched supply. Works great for getting the heat into the tank in the trunk fast, but on cold days (-10 deg C) it will take a lot longer to get the engine, interior and you up to temp.

List Price: $234.00
Our Price: $83.95
You Save: $150.05
Bosch Auxiliary Water Pump - Direct OE Replacement
1987-1993 Mercedes Benz 190E

Fits: Chas: -F845138, This unit has 12" lead wire. Bosch
Type: Direct OE replacement
Warranty: 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty


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Apr 22, 2009
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joeperry25 said:
The old Mercedes have them and they are 10-20 bucks at the junk yards. They work great.
BMWs are the same...find an aux coolant pump w/valve assembly and have at it!