1.9 TDI engine code differencies


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May 4, 2024
A3 1.9 Tdi
Got an Audi A3 (8p) where the tensioner went bad after 2500 miles and the cambelt broke. #!¤%!%
looking for a replacement engine since i belive it may be simpler/ chepaer just to swap the engine. and it seems to be a few 1.9 tdis around butwith diffrent engine code.

I currently have the 103hp BLS engine. and belive the engine block itself should be same as lots of other 1.9 tdi engine codes ?
but i need some help with the forum on what engine codes i can use as a base ? all stuff around my current engine is good , it recently got a new clutch and flywheel installed, i think i will swap that to upcoming replacement engine.

So in short what enginecodes can i use to replace the BLS engine if i use the peripherals from current engine?



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Nov 10, 2013
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You might only need a new head instead of the whole engine. Here in the states there are a couple of places that offer refurbished heads, swapping out your old one as a core. It might be easier to find a head and just replace that as opposed to the entire engine. Is there no place in the EU that offers something similar? Darkside developments perhaps?