09/10 TDI oil change costs


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Jul 16, 2008
Aurora, OH
09 Jetta TDI
Just curious. What are most of you finding your dealer and / or mechanic is charging to change the oil on your 09 or 10 TDI? I just changed from a dealer to a private shop and saved a lot of money, even more than I expected.

I just got the oil change (yes, with 507, in fact they ordered it in just for my car as I'm the first 09/10 they've serviced, but I have 60K on mine already which is certainly the exception I'm sure. Most people are probably still using their freebies as provided with the warranty).... anyhow, got the oil change, plus a tire rotation, plus 4 new lug bolts as I had them remove the locking lug nuts (pain in the a**) and all total was $100.88. That's less than the oil change alone would have been at my dealer.

I wonder what others are finding in their markets. I'm in Aurora, OH... (suburb of Cleveland).