06 problems breed problems?


Apr 26, 2006
salem, in
06 jetta
06 with 175k miles. Last summer lost blower motor and parked it. Got it out this week and After removing the motor found the seat heat fuse was blown. Replaced it and it worked! Went and bought a new battery and thought I was lucky. Then fuse blew again. Replaced it again and the the airbag fault lights up. Do research and read about washer fluid wires may cause this so I inspect them and rewrap them individual, replace fuse and drive it to store. Leaving store and start it up fuse blows and I get “engine fault workshop!”. So now I have engine fault, airbag fault, no blower and light bulb fault going on. So I take to local mechanic to read engine fault and when he plugs in his scanner he says there is no power to the the port. Then I noticed the headlights stay on when the key is on no matter what position the switch is in. It has never had drl’s. So I park it afraid it will totally fall apart if I keep working on it. Anyone ever heard of anything like this?

Bob S.

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Aug 17, 2006
Central MD.
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Try cleaning ALL the grounds and the fusible links & fuse connections on the engine space fuse/relay box front side. Search out the subject on this MKV forum. Do not ignore the main negative ground cables from the battery 12VDC- down to the transmission. While you are at it, clean the 12VDC+ battery lead connections. It is amazing what varied problems high resistance connections cause.