04 PD BEW - starts then dies - suggestions?


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Dec 28, 2005
Bailey, CO
2003 Jetta TDI - RIP June 2016 - 470,000 on clock. 2004 Jetta TDI Sport new to me June 2016
'04 with BEW. New to me last year. Coming home on Monday a car pulled in front of me coming up a 7% grade to pass a slower vehicle. I braked, downshifted, let out the clutch and the car stalled. Coasted to side of road and couldn't get it to fire so called AAA for a tow home. Thought timing belt might have jumped a tooth or two, so I ordered tools to check timing. Today I checked timing, and all appears to be good. With crank lock in the pin slides into the hole in the block. Have pulled fuel line from tank and pump is sending fuel to filter with power on. Noted that adjustment at the cam appears to be near or at limit to the left, but the pin slides into the block.

Engine started here at the house and ran for 2-3 seconds before quitting when I had the hose from the hardline to the intake off.

Bumfuzzled and need some fresh ideas on what the problem could be. Anyone have an idea to offer?
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