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    05 passat gls 2.0 tdi wagon, manual conversion, immaculate leather interior.

    To the OP, a request for additional information was sent through a direct message/conversation.
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    Serpentine Belt Tensioner Adjustment

    Does the tensioner have any adjustment? At just under 210k miles, I replaced the alternator pulley, tensioner and belt, and the AC tensioner and belt. The new serpentine belt tensioner doesn't quite have enough travel to slide the belt over the alternator pulley. Is there any adjustment on the...
  3. Upper view tensioner

    Upper view tensioner

  4. Lower view tensioner

    Lower view tensioner

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    Initial "Alternator Workshop", then normal

    I've been searching but would like advice, 2005 model with 65k miles. Yesterday a.m.: brief alert (30 sec, 1/8 mi) while creeping down a dirt road. Today a.m.: flashing alert for about 3 miles at normal speed. Each time was upon startup for the day (first drive), then the alert stopped...
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    We Sure Do Like It

    Never owned a VW until I got the Jetta. The little TDI has just been the best thing since sliced bread. Then my wife and I ran across a low miles Passat for a good price and just couldn't pass it up. We have never owned a car this nice before -- it will flat out spoil a person. I can't for...