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    new to me 2005 passat wagon on a tow dolly . WELL THAT DIDN'T LAST LONG

    Sorry, so what is preventing you from driving this car? it sounds like you might need to install new brake pads (and flush the fluid while you are at it), and if the wheels can't be balanced, maybe take a hydraulic spreader to them and get them back into round before mounting a new tire. Just...
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    DPF regen monitoring

    I think there is some confusion about units in the last post. Some km are probably 1000 km, ('my last car had 135km on it'), others are maybe indeed kilometer. It's also not clear to me how pickle is monitoring regenerations.
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    Scan Gauge II XGauge - EGT & Boost

    Regarding boost pressure and altitude adjustment: AFAIK the TDI does this for you (adjust boost pressure for altitude, until it runs into the turbo rpm limit), so why would you want to take the altitude adjustment out again in your display? Power is related to the absolute manifold pressure, so...
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    New investigations into Bosch role

    According to German news magazine 'Der Spiegel', there are new investigations into the role Bosch played in the diesel scandal. Apparently German authorities are now looking into whether Bosch also supplied 'special' motor control software to Fiat, Ford, General Motors and Hyundai. An...
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    Old time diesel clatter after emissions modification?

    I had the emissions fix done on my 2012 JSW a bit less than two months and 1500 miles ago. The main difference I'm noticing is more frequent diesel clattering. Before the modification, the engine would clatter only very briefly during initial warmup, maybe for a second or so at a time. Now I can...
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    VW payment for opt-out settlements?

    What's your guess for the average payment that VW is making to the people who opted out from the class action suit, and went for their own settlement? I'm especially interested in guesses from those people who received these settlements! A) $0-$30k B) $30k-$100k C) $100k-$200k D) $200k-300k E)...
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    Turbo cleaning how-to?

    After 5 years and 80k miles, I'm seeing the actual manifold pressure lag a bit more behind the requested pressure than it used to. I'm watching the ratio actual/requested, and it drops a bit longer below 1 when stepping on it, and stays for a bit longer above 1 than it used to when taking the...
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    Is a 2015 GSW S model really an upgrade from a JSW?

    Used buyback 2015 GSW are becoming available, and a few are priced more reasonable than the new old stock (dealer lot) 2015s. But I'm still having a hard time convincing myself that I really want a 2015 GSW. Besides the issue with the smaller tank and slightly shorter reach and the missing...
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    It will be a rude awakening for VW and the EPA...

    ... when they realize that way fewer people will turn in their cars if they can't buy a new or fixed TDI. I for one don't see the timeline of this whole thing working out very well for them, with the Gen3 fix coming last - if at all-, and no new TDIs in sight. A lot of us who registered for the...
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    Gen 1 fix approved?

    I got an email from my sales agent at the VW dealership stating that in addition to the settlement approval, the Gen 1 fix has been approved! Gen 2 & 3 are still in the doldrums. Has anybody else received the same information?
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    Reading soot level with Torque

    I asked about it in 2013 (, but I'm not sure an answer has ever been posted: The mode $06 'Test Results' accessible from the Torque app include MID $b2 $c5, which runs from 0 to 50 gram. At or slightly beyond 16.75 gram it triggers a DPF...
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    Most media outlets misrepresent settlement proposal

    I'm reposting this thread; it got merged into the 'kitchen sink' thread. Even the New York Times gets it wrong: ”In addition, owners will receive between $5,100 and $10,00 in compensation for having been misled.” (from...
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    Owner experience comparison 2015 GSW to previous version JSW?

    I'm interested in hearing from owners who switched from a 2009+ Jetta Sportwagon to a 2015 GSW. Things you like, things that got worse. Driveability & handling (does the downgraded rear suspension really make a difference? Range difference due to smaller tank compensated by better fuel mileage?)...
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    The settlement as proposed is complete BS

    The proposed settlement does NOTHING to compensate owners for the fraud and deception that VW perpetrated on them, UNLESS they are willing to give up their car in its current form (buyback now, 'fix', if one is ever approved, or buyback later). The settlement as it is proposed therefore...
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    2017 alltrack wagon with 184 HP TDI

    Apparently the 2017 Alltrack wagon was introduced for the US at the New York auto show recently. In Germany the lineup includes a 184 HP TDI with DSG (see, or...
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    Maybe VW should just buy NOx credits?

    Is there a market for NOx credits, similar to CO2 credits? That might be the simplest solution for VW to get out of this mess.
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    How many miles are you seeing between regenerations?

    I'd be interested in what other people are seeing for their TDIs. My DPF seems to regenerate about every 180 miles. I'm doing 40 mile (one way) commutes, 2/3 of it highway, 1/3 city. The car has 48,000 miles on it. Ash load was normal at 40k miles.
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    What does it take to make a Golf or Jetta into a light truck ?

    ...according to CAFE rules, in order to take advantage of the easier emission standards? Obviously you (you the manufacturer, not you the driver or you the tdiclub reader...) wouldn't want to fall victim to the chicken tax, so it has to be something that could be added/assembled stateside...
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    Why you should buy a Diesel with a DSG transmission

    I feel contributing to the negatively titled threads on diesels and DSGs will in the end only support the disinformation and fear mongering. So I thought it is time to start a positive thread. Personally, I'm very glad that a friend pointed out the Volkswagen TDIs when I was looking to replace...
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    VW wants to save 5B; reduce choices?

    According to this news article (in German) VW needs to reduce cost by 5B euros (time frame not specified), and part of the package of measures is apparently to kill all options that are ordered for less than five percent of a model: "Winterkorn sagte dem Bericht zufolge, dass die renditeschwache...