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    The Scam of Professional Injector Upgrade/Calibration Exposed!

    High dollar nozzles, two stage opening pressures and calibration, flow balancing, blah blah blah. YouTube exposes the scam. Why not DIY?! *Warning, video contains mildly "salty" language. If you're sensitive to such words, probably shouldn't click the link.
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    Brakes 102 - Or, Why Do My Brakes Keep Pulsating / Warping?

    Just had a second car in the shop in only a few weeks with the same issue - brake pulsation. Both cars had front brake jobs done by mechanics not unknown to this forum using quality parts from trusted vendors within less than 20K miles and were pulsating badly again already. For one of those...
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    Battery Drain, Combination Comfort Databus in One-Wire Mode, 00470

    Done lots of searching and reading on this and other forums and still wrestling with this issue. Car is a 2006 Jetta TDI 5MT (MKV) with a bad battery drain issue. Started by charging and disconnecting the battery, will hold a charge for days disconnected from the car so the battery is fine...
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    Northern Michigan - Malone Tuning Services This Friday, May 23rd

    Taking a little vacation to Fredric, Michigan this weekend and am considering bringing my tuning rig. Tuning would only be offered on Friday and appointments would have to be scheduled in advance. I am able to tune all TDIs from 2000 to present including DSG tunes. Tunes and pricing are...
  5. 2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

    2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

  6. 2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

    2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

  7. 2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

    2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

  8. 2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

    2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

  9. 2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

    2006 Jetta BRM Driver's Fire 3"

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    FS: TD Tuning Loader, Like New *Unlocked*

    Up for sale is a complete TD Tuning tune loader for use on 2000-2008 VWs. I no longer have need of it and unlocked it from my car before doing a full erase via Xconsole software interface. It is now ready for a new owner and will function like a brand new unit purchased from TD Tuning. Looks...
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    What the @*$^ is this? [Cyrillic alphabet not displaying correctly]

    What on earth is the ***<seemingly random four digit number> looking code I am seeing pop up all over the forum? This thread in the regional Europe section is nothing but these codes. What the????
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    Skunkwerx Performance TDI Performance, Repair, Service and Malone Tuning

    A huge THANK YOU! to Fred's TDI Club and its members for all the support these past few years in making Skunkwerx a success. Quitting my day job to work on TDIs full time last fall was one of scariest things I've done. I am so happy I did though. In fact, business is so good that my...
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    Like New GTC1549VZ

    Since we are selling 4th gen VNT turbos this morning, here is a link to mine: I got a pretty good deal on it a few months back and had intended it for a project that never materialized. Put it on eBay at...
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    Brand New! TD Tuning Programmer with Stage 3 ALH Tune

    *** SOLD *** I purchased this programmer and pre-paid for a stage 3 tune during the group buy a few months ago for my girlfriend's '03 Jetta. She ended up going a different direction and buying Paramedick's '04 wagon that was already nicely tuned. Got a great deal on the tune and programmer...
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    FS: 2003 Jetta GLS TDI Sedan in Louisville, KY

    ***SOLD!*** My girlfriend's car is now for sale. She bought this TDI last spring via eBay (more or less sight unseen) with the intent of modding it for autocross. It was not quite as pristine as she is accustomed to having driven mostly newer cars. Since then the desire to race has subsided...