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  1. alhutch

    FS - New McNally Combo Boost / EGR Gauge + extras

    SOLD For sale is a brand new McNally Combo Boost & EGT gauge with a "MyCruiseAgent" EGT thermocouple and block off plate (for mounting directly in EGR port). Also included is a new 034 Motorsports (I think) A pillar gauge mount. Gauge range is 0-30 PSI. Gauge still sealed in bag and includes...
  2. alhutch

    Auxiliary fan always runs when ignition is on?

    I'm trying to solve an issue on my new to me 2004 wagon. I noticed that the auxiliary fan runs whenever the ignition is on (car running or not), regardless of coolant temp, with A/C switch OFF. I changed the coolant temp sensor at the base of the radiator yesterday hoping this might cure it...
  3. alhutch

    Viton seals for fuel filter thermostatic T?

    Anybody know of / used viton seals for their thermostatic T on the OEM MKIV fuel filter? Mine is weeping a small (but irritating) amount of fuel at the T. I've changed the following to try and stop it: - New fuel filter - New thermostatic T - New hose clamps at the T Filter and T were...
  4. alhutch

    FS - New Frost Heater for A4 Golf/Jetta (VE only)

    SOLD - brand new, never installed Frost Heater for 1999.5 - 2003 A4 Golf/Jetta TDIs (item #HTR2). Also included are a heavy duty timer and Marinco Onboard Charger Inlet. See the Marinco mod here
  5. alhutch

    Thoughts on prep before turbo back exhaust install?

    I'm getting a turbo back exhaust installed on Wednesday and was wondering if I need to do any prep to make removing the stock system a smooth process. Thus far, I am planning to take off my steel skidplate (and leave it off for the install) and shoot some WD-40 on the downpipe nuts, since it...
  6. alhutch

    With weather this cold...

    Unintended double post deleted. Can a mod delete completely?
  7. alhutch

    With weather this cold...

    I had to break out the mask: Seemed to help with the quickness of warm-up this morning.
  8. alhutch

    Phaeton to return to NA as a diesel?

    Automotive News is reporting that VW is considering a return of the Phaeton to the US market with a diesel powertrain to position it as a 'frugal' luxury car: Jacoby is an interesting guy. A nice V6 would certainly set it apart from...
  9. alhutch

    MKIV - Remove/disable seat belt chime

    MKIV seat belt chime disable has been beaten to death, but is still somewhat elusive (for me at least). Car is a 2002 Golf. Cluster part #1J0 920 906 L (stock) Started with standard coding of 07232 (brake pad, seat belt & washer fluid warnings). Followed instructions here...
  10. alhutch

    FS - ALH injectors w/ PP520 nozzles, just calibrated by DBW

    SOLD - a full set of ALH injectors with w/ low mile (<15k) Bosio PP520 nozzles just cleaned & calibrated by Drivbiwire <>. Injector bodies have 40-45k on them. Still in the package from DBW. Injectors will come with OEM copper sealing washers and fuel return line kit from...
  11. alhutch

    Cluster recode & SKC retrieval in PNW?

    I've got an Immo 3 TDI Sport cluster on the way and am wondering if anybody in the PNW can reset the mileage to 0 and retrieve the SKC for me? Willing to pay, of course. Speak up peeps!
  12. alhutch

    Recommendation for shop/guru in Chicago (Naperville) area?

    Hey, I have a brother & sister-in-law with gasser Passats that need to have some Dieselgeek Panzer plates installed (they live in Naperville, IL). Can anyone recommend or suggest either a competent shop or guru somewhat local to them for the initial install (any maybe future service as well)...
  13. alhutch

    PDX GTG is on - May 3rd 2008

    OK, after a little back and forth in the feeler thread, it seems like Saturday, May 3rd will be the date for the GTG I am planning for the Portland area. Figure 9am start time and go until dark (or loss of interest...)? My address is: 8401 SW Cedarcrest St. Portland, OR 97223 Mapquest does a...
  14. alhutch

    Feeler - PDX GTG this Spring?

    Hello Portland! My neighbor Pat (1FSTVW) and I have been knocking around the idea of hosting a Portland GTG this spring to kick off the season. This post is mainly to gauge interest and perhaps narrow down the date (April or May). We're thinking about wrenching, food and fun (same as usual)...
  15. alhutch

    Best method for shipping from UK to US

    Hey UK TDIers, I'm looking to pick up a VW part or 2 on UK eBay and need to know what type of shipping to look for/request back to me in the US. What would be your preferred method of shipment from the UK to US for minimal hassles and no extra charges/tariffs? Royal Mail? Other? Thanks for...
  16. alhutch

    Does anyone want heated GTI seats?

    Hey, I spoke to a couple of folks at the Fixum Haus GTG that seem interested in GTI sport cloth seats. I came across a pair of heated fronts from an '01 in Everett, WA listed on VW Vortex: Don't know the seller and...
  17. alhutch

    Vendor to chip in San Antonio area?

    Hey, I have a friend that lives in San Antonio and is looking to get his '03 Jetta TDI wagon chipped locally. He isn't comfortable with ECU removal and can't have his car down for the time it would take to send the ECU away. I'm in Oregon or I would help him myself. Any thoughts on someone...
  18. alhutch

    What year did 5-speed Tiptronic auto appear in A4 Golf?

    Hey folks, A friend recently purchased an '02 Golf TDI with an automatic and I was wondering what year the 5-speed Tiptronic replaced the 4-speed 01M in Golfs ('02 or '03 or other)? I haven't seen the car in person yet, or I would just check the shifter! Thanks for your input. Al
  19. alhutch

    "FD" A4 TDI immo 3 ECU w/ switchable Upsolute Stage 1/stock programming

    Looking to sell an A4 TDI Immo 3 ECU (part #038 906 012 FD) from a 2002 Golf TDI. It has switchable Upsolute Stage 1 / stock programming. It will most certainly work in any 2002 TDI (Golf, Jetta, NB) and would probably work fine in any 2003, but not guaranteed (I know that, at the least, ESP...