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    FS: 2002 Jetta ALH Auto 58k Miles SOLD

    Important Details right off of the bat: 2002 Vw Jetta Tdi Auto (01M) 58k Miles Location: Chambersburg, Pa (17201) Recent Maintenance Performed (@57,600 miles): Timing Belt & Water Pump Crank Seal, Bolt and Cam Seal Thermostat & Housing Fuel, Air, Oil, Cabin Filters Changed Trans Service with...
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    WTB: Mk5 Jetta Sedan Delete Kit

    WTB: Mk5 Jetta Sedan Emissions Delete Hello. I’m looking to see if anyone has a used dpf/egr/emissions delete kit laying around for their mk5 tdi. The exhaust would be for a Jetta sedan. If you only have the downpipe, that may work too. May be interested in a tune/tuner as well if we can make a...
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    WTB: 01M Tdi Transmission

    Look, I know it'll be a crapshoot. I can't manual swap the car for driving reasons. Hopefully someone has one on the east coast. I'm located in Pa and will drive if I have to. I'd prefer it to have the matching torque converter and TCM.
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    WTB: Automatic TDI Wagon.

    Hello, I'm looking for an auto tdi wagon for an elderly gentleman/friend of mine. It can need some work. I'm located in Pa, but will travel for the right car. Thanks, Matt
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    WTB: KP-39 (BEW turbo)

    Looking for a replacement turbo for an 04. Of course lower mileage the better, but what do you have? I would need shipped to 17222
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    So What Do I Have Exactly?

    Help me out here. I'm beginning to get a little miffed that I may have made a poor decision and need insight on where to go from here. Back at the beginning of February my vnt15 crapped the bed in my alh. I decided to build the car pretty decently after that and upgraded the entire fuel system...
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    WTB: ALH Cam Sprocket

    As the title states. I'm looking for an ALH cam sprocket. It has to have been removed properly and no damage/bends at all. I'm dealing with one now that a mongoloid had tried to remove at one point :( I'm located in 17222. Please Pm or respond here. Thanns
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    Need Some Advice On Next Step.

    Hello! I have been on tdiclub for a bit. Doing more lurking and reading than posting. I've finally bought a car that I'm keeping and am deciding to have a little fun with it. Not too many worked over diesel cars in my neck of the woods and I've always enjoyed being different. I currently have...
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    Mk4 Tdi Partout and Garage Clean-up.

    Hey All, I'm parting a 00' Auto tdi. Was rebuilt from a timing belt mishap, then T-Boned about 20k miles later. Engine was pulled for another project, but I still have all kinds of misc stuff drivetrain wise and power interior stuff you may need. I bought the car from the owner, who bought it...
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    I-81 NB through Lower Pa.

    Ran into a gentleman in a silver Mk6 4-door golf with Illinois tags and a tdiclub frame. We were heading Northbound on I-81 around mile marker 16 in Pa. We both turned onto Rt-30 E towards Gettysburg. Chatted for a bit on 30. I want to say your name started with a J, but I'm terrible with...
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    Let's play "Name That Sound!"

    Greetings All, I'm having a bit of a problem troubleshooting a sound that emanates from the engine bay. The sound closely resembles a very weak horn. It's a low tone. It's happens from 1st through 3rd gear. The noise starts at approx 1800 rpm and continues through the rpm range while under any...
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    Wtb: 99.5 ecu

    I'm looking for an ecu out of a 99.5 Jetta/golf. Manual trans (if it matters). Stock is fine, socketed/tuned may be okay as well if it's a stg 1.5 or lower. Thanks, Smalls
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    Battling Interior Electrical Issues.

    Need your .02 to point me in the right direction. This is going to be long winded and I'll try to be as accurate as possible. I do not have a Bently, but now I feel the need to invest in one. In my newly acquired 03' tdi wagon. I've replaced everything in the interior due to smelly items and a...
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    Tdi Alternator Question

    Hey all, I've recently began to refurb a neglected tdi wagon. Upon getting the vehicle running again, I've stumbled on a few charging issues with the vehicles alternator. The alt currently installed is in a sad sad state. It had/has been exposed to copious amounts of oil and sludge. I also...
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    WTB: Mk4 Jetta A-Pillar Trim

    Hey all, I'm looking for a pair of interior A pillar trim covers. The ones that go over the airbag. Fabric condition isn't important as I am recovering them anyways, but I do require that the clips be present. I'm located in 17222. I need these kind of in a hurry as I'm trying to finish a car...
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    Misc Wagon Interior Parts MAKE OFFER

    I've acquired a few left over pieces from switching interiors in my wagon. I'm located in 17222. Will ship. Make offer on all items. I want to get them out of my basement. I also have a set of rear grey leather seats, bottom only. Also, the rear chrome "interior rubstrip" 8 cargo tie downs. I...
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    Parting: 01 Silver Jetta GLS gasser

    Parting a 2001 Jetta GLS gasser w/107k miles. Hit in left rear. All other body panels are great Interior is black leather and is mint, save for a blown bag in drivers seat. Exterior panels are great except for what was hit. Car does have a sunroof. Glovebox latch and armrest latch are broken...
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    Project Phoenix: The Wagon Rising.

    Follow along, as I do my best to save this very neglected Tdi Wagon. I've been searching for a Mk4 tdi wagon for awhile now. After missing out on a few, some by mere minutes, I stumbled across an ad on AutoTrader for a 2003 Mk4 Jetta Tdi Wagon. Manual and black in color. One measly picture...
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    Wtb: ALH Upper Pancake Pipe

    Need one as close to pristine as possible. This is the pipe that runs along side the powersteering pump. I just bought a car and that pipe is destroyed. I'm in lower Pa, if you're close. If not I need it shipped.
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    FS: 2004 Jetta GLS TDI in Pa

    Warning: This is going to be a long and lengthy post. If you don't want half of my lift story skip to the Red words a few paragraphs down. First, allow me to introduce myself to the TDIClub. My name is Matt and I'm from a town in lower Pa. I've been turning wrenches as a hobby for quite some...