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    Interior Cabin Lights

    Weird issue just rose it’s head today. My interior cabin lights stopped working when opening the doors. If I manually turn them on they come on as expected. The light switch is indeed in the correct position to activate when the door is opened. Is this a common issue ? Please help
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    Mechanic in Oakville

    Hello All, My old VW mechanic recently closed shop in Oakville and I’m in search for a new reliable one ever since. My Touareg is leaking oil from the turbo and need it fixed ASAP. Can anyone recommend a mechanic in the Oakville area who could help with this issue ? Thanks CT Sent from...
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    A\C Vibration

    Hello Touareg Friends I have a 2012 Tdi Lux Touareg and just recently the car started to vibrating when running the AC in hot weather most noticeable when stopped at a red light. It vibrates for a second every 8-12 seconds. When I turn off the AC the issue goes away. I have no idea where and...
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    2012 Touareg No Heat

    Hello Guys, I have a 2012 Touareg that decided to stop blowing heat today. (I kinda need the heat in Ontario this time of year) I can feel warm air coming from the vents but no blowing air of any sort. Where is the blower motor located and is this a common problem with the 2012 Touareg ? I...
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    Are there any additives I should be adding to my fuel when I fill the tank ? I dont normally add anything, is that good or bad ? Thanks C
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    Touareg Emissions Fix

    So I have scheduled my 2012 Touareg in for the emissions fix at Oakville VW, the car has 112k and would like to keep it. Just wondering if its the right decision ?
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    My 2012 Touareg

    Hello Guys, My 2012 Tourareg TDI has sprung an oil leak form the turbo. I hear this is a major operation to repair and requires the engine to be pulled ? Can anyone confirm is this is the case and recommend a mechanic in Oakville\Burlington to repair ? Thanks Colin
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    2012 Touareg TDi

    I have a 2012 Touareg TDi and have not received any recall notices. I'm not sure if there is even a fix for this car, anyone know ? I love the car and hope to keep it for another few years. Anyone know how to determine if this car has a fix or how I can proceed ? Thanks...
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    Mechanic in Oakville

    Hello All, Yes I have searched the sticky thread searching for local mechanics in Oakville. My regular mechanic in Oakville is retiring unfortunately and hanging up his wrenches. That begins the search for sourcing a reliable and honest VW diesel mechanic in Oakville. Any recommendations ...
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    Roof Rails

    Looking for a pair of roof rails for my 2012 Touareg. Any ideas how much these cost in Canada ?
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    Bumper Scratches

    Some arse hole hit the front corner of my bumper today in a parking lot and of course took off. Unfortunately I was inside shopping at the time and didnt notice until I got home. Trim was pulled off around the wheel well too. I was soooooo pissed. Anyhow the scratches are very noticable...
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    Touareg first Oil Change

    Hello Guys, I am looking to do my first oil change on my 2012 Touareg. Do you guys do your own and if so which method do you use ? (Extractor Vs Drain) Thanks
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    Key Fob Touareg

    Hello All Where can I purchase a replacement key fob for my 2012 Touareg ? Can I get this cut somewhere or do I have to go to the dealer ? Cheers
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    Am I crazy ?

    Hello All, Just purchased a 2012 Tdi Touareg with 99K on it for a great price. The truck is in great condition. I guess the question is, am I crazy for not knowing what the fix will be for this year Touareg ? (Or even if there will be a fix at all) :confused: Cheers Colin
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    Emissions Test (Sensors not ready)

    Hello Gents, Just had my 2010 Jetta Tdi run through the emissions test at the local Cdn Tire, only to fail the damm thing. It failed due to 3 sensors in a not ready state. No CEL on but recently had to change an oxygen sensor. I've driven about 1000 km since. I have a vag com, is there a way...
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    Considering a 2012 TDi

    Hello Guys, I am considering a trade in for a 2012 Touareg 3.0 TDi, I understand these SUV's are affected for the diesel gate woes..... but I am wondering if VW will offer a fix for these engines and when will that be announced ? I have a 2010 Tiguan with a 190K and know I am running on...
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    Key Fob

    Hello Guys, My key for decided to just die yesterday. Meaning it will no longer operate the doors or trunk. The red light still operates when I press the button, but to no affect. Where can I begin to troubleshoot ? BTW, I only have a single key.
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    Touareg 2012 Tdi

    I am looking at purchasing a used 3.0L Touareg TDi. (2012) Is this vehicle affected by the scandal ?
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    Just about had enough

    Ive been a long time VW owner but all these scandals and never ending issues are really wearing me thin. My wife calls me today to tell me her 2010 Tiguan 120k is shaking violently while driving on the QEW in Mississauga. She pulls off the hwy and manages to make it home. She is obviously...
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    Hitch and Trailer

    Hello All, I am looking to get a hitch installed on my 2010 Jetta, does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can get this installed ? (and how much should this cost me ?)I am in the Oakville area. Thanks