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    Historical book values

    Anyone one aware of a internet source for historical vehicle book values? I think my grandmother got taken when she sold her car lat May and I want to check. And, I'm a little curious how much my TDI has tanked.
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    Summer '15 incentives question

    I completely understand the final price of a car is up to the dealer and buyer. However, I'm trying to settle an argument: In July/August of this past Summer VW had a $1000 cash card and a 0% incentive. Was this an actual VW program rule that these two "offers may not be combined?" Referring to...
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    symptoms of gas in TDI

    The lady I sold my '10 JSW TDI to called me today and asked what would happen if gas, and not diesel, were put in the car. I immediately told her to NOT start it. She already had. She said it seemed to be running rougher after her 17 yr old daughter drove it, and fueled it. Her daughter swore...
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    2010 JSW TDI resale values

    I am doing some research in preparation to sell my JSW TDI. If KBB, Edmunds, and the asking prices in online classifieds like Autotrader and, are even in the ballpark, I will be very happy. And, it seems, all of us have chosen wisely as far as resale value. I know its a sellers used...
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    Pink G12 coolant smell different?

    Does the pink coolant, G12, smell any different than the green stuff when you have a leak, overheating, etc?
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    mystery fluid leak

    During my oil change I noticed what appeared to be a fluid leaking from one of the intercooler hoses. I wiped it clean and it's slowly reappearing. Any ideas? BTW, it is not any sort of drips, spill, etc. from the oil change it was there before and has reappeared since being wiped clean. Pic was...
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    using ramps for oil change observation

    I did my first oil change yesterday (7850 mi). I put it on ramps to do get underneath. I noticed that with the car tilted back on the ramps, it appeared there was a portion of the oil pan that doesn't drain. I have a rotating flexible tube camera used for airframe inspections. So, because I am...
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    2010 jsw tdi

    My 2010 JSW TDI at The Malt Shop in Weatherford, TX
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    Lrr 225/45/17 ?

    Anyone have any real world experience with this size? I am averaging ~37 mpg with Biolines and Michelin Primacy MXV4 205/55/16. I would like dress up the car a little but don't want to affect he mpg's too much. I am looking at some fairly nice looking and light weight wheels but can't find a...
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    Free Amsoil MTF- no catch- Ft. Worth

    I bought Amsoil Synthetic MTF for my Saab 92x Aero. I just sold it and still have 2 quarts that were extras. I don't see a manual anywhere in my near future. 2 quarts free, no catch. Just pick up. Located in NW Ft. Worth off Boat Club Rd.
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    '10 JSW roof rail removal/mpg

    I thought factory rails on my JSW looked ugly and SUV-ish. I would probably never use them; and, they play a negative role in aerodynamics, so I removed them. I fabricated some aluminum plugs and gaskets at work to cover the holes and painted them with Duplicolor CW matched spray paint. Under...
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    2010 jsw

    During a recent photo shoot at a ranch near Caddo, TX I snapped this: So far I have removed the rack, done a few VCDS tweaks, and upgraded the door speakers. I plan on doing a DPF-ectomy and corresponding tuning soon.
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    Help with possible lemon case

    I am having too many issues for a car with 2800 mi. I am fed up with my car at this point need to probably posture for a lemon law case. Some problems are minor, but they seem to be getting worse and worse. Just for the record, I am not obsessive about my cars. My families current newest cars...
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    DFW dealer service opinions

    Any opinions regarding the best VW dealer for major repair warranty service in DFW are appreciated. My car is currently a DFW dealer with a bad flywheel diagnosis. The reasons why I don't want the dealer it is at now to do the work are solid and founded but frankly don't have the energy to get...
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    Clatter noise diagnosed- flywheel

    I posted last week regarding a clattering noise from the engine. It started as a light clatter in light acceleration and steadily got worse. As I stated in my post, it didn't sound like normal diesel clatter. I took it in to the dealer on Wednesday and heard back today. The flywheel needs to be...
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    louder than normal diesel clatter

    This afternoon I noticed on light acceleration, the diesel clatter was louder and higher pitch from idle to ~2k. It also seems to come and go. My searches seemed to only lead to a hesitation issue; there is no noticeable hesitation. On moderate to hard acceleration, it doesn't do it. I only...
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    MK IV Gauge Cluster

    MK IV Gauge Cluster- Taken out of my 2000 Golf GL at ~15k mi. My car was modified to compete in SCCA ProSoloII and a digital cluster was installed. The cluster is in excellent condition. It has a few very light marks from being stored for 10 years. I will also be listing the like new seats from...
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    ditched OE Hankooks

    I hated the OE Hankooks from day 1. I thought they were noisy; and frankly, I'm a tire snob and don't like Hankook. After only 1300 mi I ditched them for Michelin Primacy MXV4... what an improvement. Nearly silent, plusher, better steering response, and more grip. Not sure about rolling...
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    weight / fuel economy study

    Not sure if this has been posted. Interesting study on vehicle weight and fuel economy. Neat breakdown of diesel engine characteristics.