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    I have a TDI fuel pedal from my swap project that I don't need. I used a 05 B5 tdi pedal. This is still on the mounting bracket for clutch and brake pedal. I used both brake and clutch pedals on my project. This has the provisions to use either way, cable and the harness with the 6 wires, with...
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    Audi A4 2000- 2001 Sub Frame

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    Audi a4 b5 swap

    Gathering info on a possible swap. There seem to be a lot of Quattro's out there for sale. 1. Can I remove the drive shaft to rear, pull the axles and go with FWD only ? 2. I'm more interested in MPG. I live in the snow belt but would only drive April thru October. I have a AWD SUV that is a...
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    B5 in JY for parts

    There is a B5 1.8t, 5 spd in a JY near me. I was thinking maybe it would be a good idea to start gathering parts for a 5 spd swap in near future. I do not have a B5 TDI at this time but they are easy to come by. ( I have a B4 ) My question is , what can I use off this car ? I've read it needs...
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    Mirrors need more travel

    I can never find anything when I try a search . I've seen a post on this before. ( I give up on the search feature ) My outside mirrors both move up, down, left and right, the problem is they don't move very much. I assume they have plastic gears . How can one fix this ? Don't wish to brake my...
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    WTB B3 Headlight 3 Position Switch

    Looking for a headlight switch that has the 3 position on it. ( off, parking light, headlight position, to replace my 2 position in my B4.
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    B4 died today!

    Need a little help here. While driving the e-brake light came on, everything was running normal then a stop at a red light worked the e-brake to shut off light but it stayed on. Brake was free not dragging. Just mention this for what happened next. Started off from light heard a growling noise...
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    97 B4 e-brake , airbag removel switch

    Just want to know how to remove the airbag and e-brake switches under the radio .
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    Wtb b3 glove box

    Need a B3 glove box for my B4, out goes the air bag, useless any way ! No one rides in car but me. ( BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? ) I don't care, mine are grown, so are the grand kids !
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    WTB 96/97 Drivers side rain tray

    Looking for the drivers side rain tray that goes over the wiper arms and motor, I have 2 of the left side, Trade or cash. Let me know price and shipping to 60423. Thanks, Col.
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    97 passat grill removal

    My search skills really suck! I know it's on here somewhere . I need to take off the grill for some work . Col.
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    97 B4 front grill removal

    My search skills really suck ! I know it's in here somewhere, I need to take off my front grill without destroying everything , Col.
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    Factory Paint in Aerosol Can

    Somewhere I read a company will fill an aerosol can with the same color as your original paint. I've tried Google and search in these forums, to no avail , Anybody ? Thanks ,Col.
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    Daylight driving lights 97 Passat

    Is there a way to disconnect the front and back lights from coming on all the time in daylight. I use my vehicle to sit and watch things ( job ) and even at night I need some heat. Headlights on all the time draws a lot of unnecessary attention. I disconnected all them on my other cars. sort of...