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    Another play in shock assembly thread

    Some times when I dont have time do things myself I give it to a mechanic. This time I needed to make sure every thing is OK before the yearly mandatory checkup. Gave it to the mechanic he discovered some play up and down in the shock assembly ,replaced the mount and bearing and also improvised...
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    01268 - Quantity Adjuster fault

    Hi, Trying to help a friend. His car has some engine running issues, sometimes it wont start, sometimes it will die in the middle of the highway and sometimes it wont rev up and have some hesitation to it. His glowplug light was flashing so I told him he should scan and we might get smarter...
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    IP shaft oil seal keeps leaking 96 VW Taro

    I am dealing with a frustrating issue for a couple of years now. I had an IP which was leaking fuel from the seal , replaced it a few times(the seal) ,tried it with a sleeve once but it would always go back to leaking after about 10k miles Replaced it for a used IP which didn't seem to have...
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    Abs pump gone bad after brake line replacement?

    Hi all. I had my front brake lines replaced in a shop, dont know how they bled the system or if they used any software to run the pump while bleeding. A few days later the abs light comes one, is it coincidental? Scanning for codes I got: 01276 - ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64) 16-00 -...
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    Metallic squeaking/grinding for inner CV joint?(video included)

    Hi , recently we started noticing a metallic sound mainly when the suspension is working on bumpers or potholes. When car was up today i was looking around and noticed the noise coming from the cv joint on the differential side or the differential itself? Couldn't really tell which side it is...
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    A bit of play after replacing rear bearings, is it normal?

    Hi, Replaced my rear roller bearings today , after replacing them went for a short drive and when I checked again they both had a bit of play that wasn't there just after replacement. I believe I did every thing correctly , race replacement , properly packing them, only tightening the bolt...
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    Glow plugs last a year and die

    Hi, car is an older 96 VW Taro it has an IDI engine. About every 30K miles all the glow plugs die at once, one morning it starts up perfectly and the other they are all dead and it takes a lot of cranks to start. This has been the case for the last few years, all the glow system components...
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    Why would a rear wheel bearing lock nut get loose?

    Hi every one , On an inspection of the rear wheels(drum brakes) some play was felt on both. I disassembled one of them and discovered the lock nut not fully tightened, kept going,grease on bearings was pretty dry and the rear seal came of really easily and looks a bit dry. Repacked the...
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    Adjusting fuel IQ for when the AC is on.

    When the AC is running there is some lack of power , is there a way to adjust the fuel IQ or some other method to adjust it for when it is running? Thanks!
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    Replacing struts, KYB vs Monroe, Gas vs Oil

    Hi. One of the front struts is starting to sweat oil from the top so I will be replacing them among other things in the front suspension. I have no idea which ones are currently installed. My easiest options locally are either Monroe-70$ or KYB-90$. There is a gas vs oil pressure option. Not...
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    split cv boot kit, anyone tried it?

    Hi, will probably be needing to replace my cv boots soon and am thinking of going the way of the split cv boot kits that are around just to save the hassle of taking everything apart and hopefully it will be a long lasting repair, any one tried them? Thanks
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    Has any one got the SUSPENSION REBUILD KIT, MK3 UBER from cascade german?

    Contacted them to try and understand what brands are the different parts. I was assured they are the best available but was not answered my question. Any one got it and can comment on the brands which are used in the kit? Thanks
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    New OEM Toyota deformed air filter should I use? Photo inside

    Would you use this? Worried it will not seal properly Sorry I wasnt able to upload the photo directly to the message. Thanks
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    What to move out of the way before replacing monts on a AHU?

    What to move out of the way before replacing mounts on a AHU? Hi, I am going to attempt to replace all three engine mounts on a AHU. Read some DIYs and have a manual. Are there any other parts which need to move out of the way in order to prevent damage to anything? Fuel lines, clutch line...
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    Another what to replace with my timing belt question(AHU)

    Hi, Planing a timing belt replacement soon, my first one in this car with around 400K km (about 250K miles) . My engine is not an ahu but all the parts involved cross fit and that is confirmed.Planing on keeping the car for the long run. Will probably get the kit from Cascadegerman which...
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    Hiccups and surging-inconsistent

    Hi all, I have this problem for around three month now and I cant seem to get to the bottom of things: Sometimes the engine will surge when idling even when fully warmed up. Sometimes when accelerating and reaching a certain RPM (arond 3,000-3,500)the car will have one or two hiccups and loss...
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    65535 Air bag fault code wont clear (another one :))

    65535 Air bag fault code wont clear (another one :))FIXED! As in other cases the air bag light came on with no apparent reason. Scanning resulted in : Address 15: Airbags Labels: 1J0-909-60x-VW3.lbl Part No: 1J0 909 603 AC Component: AIRBAG VW3 - V04 Coding: 16707 Shop #: WSC...
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    Faults found during a scan but I couldn't trace them

    Hi, This 3 faults came up in a recent scan. After reading here and physically checking I couldn't pin point the problem, no light came on and the car seems to run just like before. 99 AEY (Europe) engine. The faults: 17978 - Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer P1570 - 35-00 -...