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    Oil Leak?

    I was starting the process of changing some filter this afternoon and noticed some substantial leaks of sorts. Does anyone have any ideas of likely culprits from these pictures? B5.5 TDI Thanks!
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    Overheating Issues - Any Ideas?

    I was coming back today about 2 hours into a 2.5 hour drive, and the engine started over heating. I pulled off to the side, checked all the fluids which looks fine. Let it set for about 15 minutes and then started it back up. The temp jumped right back up after about a minute. Had it towed...
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    Blower Motor Replacement

    The blower motor on my b5.5 has developed a squeak at low speed settings, and from what i'm reading its best to just replace the motor. The squeak usually goes away once it warms up. I'm seeing a lot of these used on various parts sites, but have been unable to track down a new one or oem...
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    Dipstick Funnel

    This morning during a routine oil change the dipstick funnel broke on my car. From searching around the forums, it looks like this is a common issue. I called up my dealer, and they said the replacement part number is 06B103663G .. though, by looking at pictures of that part, it appears to be...
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    Recommendations on 17" Tires

    Currently on my '05 I have Pirelli Pzero Nero All Season Tires which have had a horrible tread life. I do have the stock 17 on mine - 225/45 R17 94H Being in Wisconsin, I want to keep something that is semi decent in all seasons and the selected i've found for 17s is very limited. I'm...
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    Replace Stock Stereo Head Unit

    So, i'm looking to figure out how to add an AUX input into my stereo so I can hook up my phone, etc. It looks like with the stock radio I have, the easiest way to do this is to replace the head end. Image of Stereo Head Unit One of my questions - has anyone taken a look at some of the double...
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    Turn Signal Clicking Noise

    Recently my car starting rapidly and randomly making the turn signal clicking sound. What I've read is that this is likely dirty connectors in the turn signal switch itself or the faulty hazard switch. (My issue is likely dirty connectors from my troubleshooting) It looks like the common...
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    Anyone need a belly pan?

    A while ago I put a panzer skid plate on my passat from dieselgeek. I realized I still have the old belly pan and other pieces that were removed in the corner of the garage. Is anyone interested in them? Came off a 2005 TDI Passat Wagon I am in south east wisconsin. Pictures here...
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    Keyless Entry Remote Randomly Stopped Working

    I have two keyless entry remotes - one i have never used from day one - kept it safe and stored away. The daily use remote randomly stopped working when i came out of the store this afternoon. Naturally, i thought it was the battery - so I changed that. Still nothing. The read light does...
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    Oil Type/Filter

    I'm going to be venturing into the world of changing my own oil since I've had enough of dealing with others doing it. What is the general recommendation among the group for oil type? I see alot of people using Mobile 1 synthetic. Also - whats the best place online to order the filters from...
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    belly pan screws

    I had a rattle in my car, and figured out it was the belly pan. From my reading online, it sounds like there are suppose to be 9 or 10 fasteners holding it in. Mine only has 3 across the back, and 1 in the front - nothing in the wheel wells. Does anyone know where I can buy these online? One...
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    Intermittent Hard Starts

    The majority of the time, my passat turns right over after a couple of cranks. However, every now and then it cranks for 5 to 10 seconds, then fires up - but spits out a small cloud of white smoke from the exhaust. Is this anything to be concerned about?
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    Rear Wiper Washer

    The nozzle on the wiper has been following the wiper motion and spraying downward. When I was up to see Jason a couple weeks ago he mentioned there was a rebuild kit to correct the problem. I searched around the forums a bit and found this...
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    Leaking Turbo Charger

    I have an 2005 Passat Wagon TDI and discovered my car had an oil leak and I took it into the dealer to figure out where its coming from. They discovered the source of the leak, and said the oil is leaking into the turbo charger and spraying out the seals. They quoted around $1,800 to install a...
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    Replacement Battery

    I'm looking at replacing my battery in my 05 passat wagen before the cold comes around - its still the original battery, so its probably due. I want to get the biggest/best that will offer the most cold cranking amps for those chilly winter Wisconsin mornings. What batteries have others used...