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    WTB: Set of 4 BRM TDI 1.9 Injectors

    Prefrably under 150k from running car, ready to buy. email
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    WTB: BRM Cylinder head, new used rebuilt?

    Might need one soon hopefully not but just seeing what is out there.
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    Wanted: BRM Engine Rocker Arm 038-109-527-AF

    038109527AF Looking for a rocker arm from known good engine, mine is bad and I'm trying to shave some cost off the repair bill. Please let me know I have paypal and will cover shipping.
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    06 Jetta TDI died on freeway, won't start back up.

    2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI BRM 1.9 Diesel Automatic DSG 144,000 miles Was driving today felt a little vibration and engine died. The car has a known bad flywheel that I was planning on fixing before 150k. I felt a vibration and then the rpm just dropped to zero no loud noises or anything, oil...
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    Any Suspension Gurus in Denver

    Could use a hand installing some front struts on my mkv, finally got a set of Koni's Special Active to try out, did the rears but could use a hand on the fronts. Got tools, my driveway or yours, cash donation/food/beer/parts for trade etc :)
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    What is the correct part # for 2006 TDI DSG Transmission?

    I was sold a 02E 301 103 G from a junk yard, they said it would fit a 2006 jetta tdi. I was wondering if anyone can't point me to the right part number to confirm which transmission I have. I looked it up on ebay and it said that that part number 02E301103G fits Passat Eos and CC. Hopefully they...
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    Rear Door Latch Stuck, Won't Open!

    Was trying to change out a rear driver side door lock actuator 3B4839015AP on 06 jetta today. I put everything back and secured the cable and before I could get the door skin on I shut the door (after I installed the two 6mm screws on door jam) and it won't open up from the inside or outside...
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    Stripped Bolt inside Outer front door Panel

    2006 Jetta TDI Removing a outer driver side door panel to replace and found out the T25 Torx screw that removes the key cylinder from the outer door panel is stripped and not coming out. Is there any way to get the panel off without breaking the cable that attaches to the door latch actuator...
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    White and Black smoke, still power 2006 Jetta BRM

    So I basically bought this car with 182k on it, seems like I've rebuilt the whole car (rear brakes, f&r wheel bearings, dsg flywheel, radiator, ds door harness). New Cam, timing belt at 185k. Compression 450 psi with 420 on the other 3 cylinders. Glow plugs replaced, all filters done in last...
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    Best Tool to Test Compression on TDI?

    Working with a 2006 Jetta, looking to do a compression test to know where I stand. I noticed harbor freight makes one but would rather get something more specific to the TDI engine. Found a few possibilities here, does anyone know if any of these would work on a TDI? This one here works...
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    Original BRM Camshaft and Dsg Trans, Numbers don't lie

    Saw this and thought I would post this given the impressive statistics on the original cam and transmission. The owner shares a few maintenance tips. I wonder if this guy is on tdiclub? 2006 vw...
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    Replacing AC Hose, do I need new Drier and Expansion Valve

    Replacing the condenser to evap hose sometime this week hopefully on 06 Jetta TDI. Can I get by with just...
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    Need to change AC Hose condensor to evap

    Its the long one that swings around the engine up to the expansion valve. Doesn't look too easy any tips or utube videos? I will be removing one from junk yard next week. The mechanic who installed radiator didn't bend hose back and the serp belt destroyed the ac hose. :( Looking forward to...
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    Just purchased 06 Jetta Tdi, coolant and boost leak to fix

    Just flew into Orlando to buy a 06 Jetta MKV 181,000 miles , just found out the Jetta is leaking coolant today (its all water in the reservoir). There is also a boost leak. I'm new to this engine but have done a little research on the problems associated with the BRM. There is a exhaust/boost...
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    Will the EPA allow VW to bring back the TDI once software fixed?

    Any updates on the ETA when VW will be fixing the software on the MKVII? I heard reports of owners getting 50-55 mpg on highway. This worst thing about the scandle I think is the unavailability to buy a 2015/16 tdi jetta/golf. Without these on the market it is going to make them quite difficult...
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    Nice deal on a 2010 Sportwagen Manual TDI in FL.

    Found this today, figured I'd pass it along. Would consider it myself but I'm looking for a DSG. Seems like a fair price compared to other Sportwagens I've seen. :rolleyes:
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    50-55 MPG in a 09 JSW with tune/mods?

    I was wondering if there are some mods out there that allow you to achieve 50+ MPG on the jetta sportwagen. My normal hwy speed will be around 65-75 mph. From what I've read normal fuel economy seems to be around 40-45 hwy with the right size tires and removing the roof rails.
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    01 TDI Golf Runs but won't drive.

    Here is the problem... If the motor is running with a gear engaged and the clutch pedal is fully depressed the car continues to pull forward. You can remove the selected gear but not reengage it; however, if the motor is shut-off then you can freely engage all gears. Clutch is new. The...
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    Desperately seeking VW TDI mechanic in San Diego

    I received a deadline today and have to get my car in shop by Feb 1st 2014. Matt AHU was originally supposed to do the engine swap but he ran out of time and moved to the bay area which is too far away to tow. It's hard to believe there are no Guru's in a place like San Diego. Does anyone know...
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    FS: 11mm ALH Injection Pump

    $415 shipped. Removed from 2001 GOLF Automatic w/ 155k. Send message if interested or email. Also have a set of injectors from same car for $200 shipped.