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    Wtb: 1z upper timing cover and plug

    Just as the ad states...need it shipped to 59715. Thanks!
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    AAZ exhaust manifold alternatives

    I'm pretty sure I just got scammed out of a hard to find AAZ exhaust manifold. Seeing how they are so elusive, is there a solid alternative that works with stock Vanagon diesel engine mounts? I'm in the process of converting my 89 Vanagon to a mechanical 1z.
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    WTB: AAZ Exhaust manifold

    Hi all, I'm looking for the newer style aaz exhaust manifold (the one with the triangular flange, P/N 028-253-033R) for my ahu Vanagon swap. Might be interested in the intake as well. Lmk what you got, Thanks! Richie
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    WTB: 337 springs

    I'm looking for a set of factory GTI springs in good shape to lower my Golf. Would need them shipped. Let me know, Thanks!