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    A-4 console "pocket" removal?

    A-4 console \"pocket\" removal? Does anyone know how the storage pocket above the radio and beneath the pull out cupholders (ie: where the single disk player goes)removes? Bentleys is not a help. Thanks.
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    Delvac 1 @ Flying J

    Noticed today when fueling at a Flying J in Brunswick, Georgia they carry Delvac 1. First travel plaza/truck stop I have found it at (in the south). At $26/gallon bottle it is somewhat high (paid $88 plus tax for 4 gallons from my Moble distributor), it is a convenient way for someone who...
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    Does Syntec come in drums?

    I had my wife recently take my A4 in for the 10K mile service, I had left a written request that the service technician leave an empty bottle of the oil container in the car so I could read over its properties. She was told that oil is pumped from a drum, thus there is no bottle to leave. In...
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    Higher wattage headlamp bulbs?

    Regarding a 2000 Jetta, Bentleys shows the headlamp bulb as an H4 (60/55 watts) (don't waste your time looking for bulb numbers in the owners manual!). I see aftermarket offers H4's in 110/55w, 100/80w, and 130/90w versions. Obviously these are "illegal" in the US as they lack the "DOT...
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    Basestocks of gasser synthetics

    Does anyone know what the basestocks (group types) are of the other major brand (Valvoline, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Texaco, Amsoil, etc) SJ rated synthetics?
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    Syntec oil analysis @ 10K miles

    Results for an OA analysis of dealer installed Castrol Syntec (presume that is what they installed) in a 2000 Jetta TDI. Vehicle has 10,475 miles on it, the oil had 5,659 miles over a 65 day period. Been on a steady diet of Amoco diesel fuel and Power Service fuel supplement. Would appear the...
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    Auto X-Ray scanner & TDI

    Had recently purchased an Auto X-Ray scanner for decoding a "check engine" light on the wife's 96 Bonneville and decided to see what information it provided for the Y2k Jetta TDI. Device initially scans for Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) on, then for trouble codes. After this you can go...
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    Green doughnuts on strut cartridges

    While rotating tires on my Y2K Jetta TDI tonight I notice sitting atop each front strut houseing on the strut rod a green hard plastic "doughnut" about 1 inch thick similar to a "strut bumper". It has a slot formed in it allowing it be easily removed. As it is slightly larger in diameter than...
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    Programing radio

    I am the new owner of a Y2K Jetta TDI and am thrilled with the vehicle! I fully appreciate the managers and participants of this web site; it has provided invaluable information through my purchase process. I have installed a factory CD changer in this vehicle (which has the Monsoon radio...